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August 09

DuPont takes actions to capitalize on global growth opportunities, streamlines organization and names new leadership team

DuPont hosts National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy

July 09

DuPont posts solid second quarter 2009 results - Company benefits from seed share gains and lower costs

From the pipeline: using DuPont science to feed the world

June 09

DuPont updates timelines for Optimum GAT corn

DuPont divests Linuron herbicide assets as part of crop protection strategy

With two acquisitions, DuPont adds cotton to its seed product lineup in India

New choices for corn and soybean farmers worldwide: Bayer CropScience and DuPont expand collaboration with broad license agreements
Neue Optionen für Mais- und Sojabohnen-Farmer weltweit: Bayer CropScience und DuPont bauen Zusammenarbeit mit umfangreichen Lizenzabkommen aus

DuPont asserts anti-trust, patent claims against Monsanto, affirms that "stacking" can occur under existing Monsanto license agreement

DuPont North America agricultural seed sales volume up significantly

Plenish high oleic soybean oil offers trans fat solution with superior performance - DuPont scientist outlines oil testing results, industry opportunities at major food conference

DuPont files lawsuit against BASF to protect intellectual property, claims BASF is infringing patents relating to herbicide tolerance technology

BASF sues DuPont for patent infringement

May 09

DuPont innovation addressing major global market trends

Five new DuPont PrecisionPac herbicides registered in Canada for customized weed control

DuPont Galaxy herbicide tank mix approved in Canada for use with atrazine for enhanced residual control of lamb’s-quarters

DuPont receives Canadian regulatory approval for high oleic soybean trait

Innovation helps farmers put insect refuge ‘in the bag’

DuPont Crop Protection launches three new products in India

DuPont alleges anti-competitive conduct by Monsanto

Monsanto challenges unauthorized use of Roundup Ready technology by DuPont

April 09

Bringing cellulosic biofuels from lab to market

DuPont Canada's Guardian Big Guy herbicide tank-mix is ideal for larger-acreage soybean growers

DuPont reports first quarter 2009 earnings in-line with guidance - Strong performance of the Agriculture & Nutrition segment driven by higher North American volumes and significant seed pricing gains

Agriculture is up to global productivity challenge, says DuPont leader

DuPont Fellow George Lahm honored for innovations in agriculture, food chemistry

March 09

DuPont and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences collaborate to advance crop insect control, increase yield

DuPont Crop Protection partners with GVK Biosciences and Syngene International to boost product pipeline

Triton K herbicide from DuPont now registered in Canada for broadleaf weed control in durum wheat

DuPont partners with Indonesian Center for Rice Research to advance hybrid rice

DuPont and the International Rice Research Institute partner to boost rice yields

New DuPont Harmony SG formulation registered in Canada for one-pass broadleaf and grassy weed control in spring and durum wheat - No more mixing and measuring adjuvant into the spray tank

February 09

DuPont unveils innovative mobile wind machines to help improve corn yield

University of Delaware signs commercialization agreement with DuPont on corn disease trait

DuPont's animal & nutrition pipeline, products and people are aligned to fuel growth
DuPont expects increased global seed corn share, continued agriculture earnings growth

January 09

DuPont's fourth quarter 2008 business segment performance reflects downturn in demand

DuPont Express PRO registered in Canada for non-crop weed control - New herbicide blend delivers a step-change in control of the toughest broadleaf weeds

DuPont and Athenix collaborate to advance insect control in corn, soybeans

DuPont insect protection product Optimum AcreMax 1 reaches regulatory milestone

December 08

DuPont acquires ag data management business to enhance information solutions for growers

DuPont unveils new strategy to expand its seed business - Pioneer Hi-Bred partners with seed companies to introduce new products, brands

DuPont insect protection product Optimum AcreMax 1 reaches regulatory milestone

'Right Product, Right Acre' is a winning seed strategy for farmers and DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred - High performance products and individualized service are netting strong early orders

November 08

DuPont to build corn seed production capacity in Hermiston, Oregon to meet strong global demand

October 08

DuPont is meeting significant 2008 milestones in progressing advanced biofuels

September 08

Ellen Kullman to become Dupont's President, Director, CEO

DuPont opens facility for corn research in Bangalore, India

Priscila Vansetti appointed Business Director of DuPont Canada Crop Protection Division

Market focus and strong innovation pipeline are key to growth strategy for DuPont

DuPont focuses on accelerated revenue growth and emerging markets

August 08

New DuPont laser technology speeds development of higher yielding corn and soybeans

DuPont boosts seed research in Europe to extend leadership position - Two new state-of-the-art research centers to deliver higher yielding corn and sunflower hybrids

DuPont obtains biotechnology endorsement for Pioneer brand products: U.S. growers planting Pioneer products with Herculex XTRA will qualify for lower crop insurance rates

DuPont Rynaxypyr wins 2008 R&D 100 Award - Novel chemistry in new insect control products recognized as a top technology by Research & Development magazine

DuPont and Hexima Ltd. partner to develop and commercialize fungal disease resistance technology

July 08

DuPont Danisco and the University of Tennessee partner to build innovative cellulosic ethanol pilot facility - Fast-track pilot plant will develop commercialization technology for corn, stover and switchgrass

Agriculture leads DuPont to solid second quarter growth

DuPont soybean leadership advances with U.S. approval of Optimum GAT trait - Regulatory milestone key step in bringing higher productivity to soybean growers

Pioneer brand soybeans from DuPont deliver step-change in soybean yields - New generation of soybean varieties is largest product launch in Pioneer Hi-Bred's history

June 08

DuPont leader tells United Nations that barriers to improved ag productivity can be overcome - Open access to agricultural inputs, information and markets are key to abate hunger and reduce poverty

New DuPont molecular markers increase soybean productivity

DuPont opens new maize research center in northern Mexico

DuPont and Syngenta enter into crop protection technology exchange

More can be done now to address the growing global demand for grain - Increasing yields is the best option, says DuPont leader at UN Food and Agriculture Conference

May 08

DuPont reaffirms expectations for North America seed corn market share

DuPont leader urges United Nations to move agriculture higher on the agenda

DuPont and Genencor create world-leading cellulosic ethanol company - Joint venture combines companies’ strengths in the development and deployment of second generation ethanol from non-food feedstocks to address $75 billion market opportunity

April 08

DuPont partners with China to increase farm productivity

DuPont Knowledge Center in Hyderabad, India, inaugurates its Biotechnology Research Center

DuPont reports first quarter earnings growth of over 20 percent - Sales increase 9 percent with strong growth in agriculture and emerging markets

DuPont purchases equity stake in Farms Technology

DuPont expects higher first quarter 2008 earnings

March 08

DuPont donates sequences from corn disease agent to advance research

DuPont opens new seed production plant to meet increasing demand for Pioneer brand canola

Research confirms better oil from new DuPont high oleic soybean trait - Bunge, DuPont alliance on track to deliver first biotech product with direct consumer benefits

DuPont and Arcadia Biosciences collaborate to improve nitrogen use efficiency in corn

DuPont sees large growth opportunities for seed business in Eastern Europe

DuPont launches next generation technology to accelerate corn research and increase productivity

February 08

DuPont innovation to increase corn yields, simplify compliance - Optimum AcreMax new insect protection system introduced to U.S. farmers

DuPont strengthens leading biotechnology position with leadership changes

Pioneer Hi-Bred President highlights technologies at USDA's Agricultural Outlook Forum

DuPont significantly increases seed production acres for second consecutive year

Advanced technologies are key to meeting the increased demand for grain - DuPont leader discusses agricultural productivity at USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum

DuPont launches Online MarketPoint resource for agriculture industry - Web-based service links growers with end users to market quality grain

Syngenta, DuPont sign agreement for access to broad insect control technology in corn
Syngenta und DuPont unterzeichnen Vereinbarung über die Technologie einer breiteren Insektenbekämpfung in Mais
Syngenta et DuPont signent un accord pour l’accès à un caractère biotechnologique permettant de lutter contre de nombreux insectes ravageurs du maïs

Syngenta y DuPont firman un acuerdo para acceder a la tecnología de control de insectos para el maíz

DuPont unveils strategies to increase ag productivity

DuPont and Precision BioSciences collaborate to accelerate crop product development - Genome engineering technology to bring new choices, more options to global agriculture

DuPont pledges $1 million to World Food Prize - Contribution helps establish Norman E. Borlaug Hall of Laureates

DuPont and Kansas State University Research Foundation partner to commercialize sorghum herbicide-tolerant traits

DuPont hosts meeting of leading plant scientists to improve world agricultural productivity - Three-day symposium focuses on improving drought tolerance

January 08

DuPont announces expansion at Pioneer Hi-Bred production facility in York, Nebraska, part of ongoing effort to meet high demand for Pioneer brand seed corn

DuPont receives U.S. federal registration for two corn herbicides, Resolve Q and Require Q

DuPont leader stresses collaboration as the key to improving global nutrition

December 07

DuPont congratulates David Hula for highest overall yield in U.S. National Corn Yield Contest - Growers planting Pioneer brand hybrids win 20 of 27 national titles in 2007 contest

DuPont divests terbacil herbicide from crop protection business

DuPont joint venture with Chinese biotech firm strengthens gene discovery research efforts

DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition on track for strong 2007 - Business segment positioned for double-digit growth in 2008 and into next decade

November 07

DuPont introduces technology to help increase ethanol production - QualiTrak allows ethanol plants to track and communicate detailed production information to corn growers

DuPont congratulates Kip Cullers on breaking world record soybean yield with Pioneer brand variety - New record set with Pioneer brand 94M80, yielding 154 bushels per acre

DuPont supports Indonesia's rice and corn industry

DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred announces leadership changes

October 07

DuPont makes $2.175 million investment in plant breeding research and education

DuPont and Evogene collaborate to increase drought tolerance in corn and soybeans

DuPont delivers strong earnings growth in third quarter 2007

Biotechnology needed to help meet growing global needs for food, feed, fuel and materials, says DuPont Chairman & CEO at World Food Prize

DuPont recognized for best agricultural R&D pipeline and products - Receives industry award for bringing leading-edge technology to growers

September 07

Marker free GM soybean produced by gene excision

August 07

Gift from DuPont helps CIMMYT scientists look for genes in wheat and maize, and gives breeders an affordable tool to help select the best

DuPont leaders brief investors on its agriculture businesses

DuPont scientists identify and silence plant gene that controls phytic acid - Discovery improves livestock feed, environmental quality

July 07

DuPont and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory join forces to boost crop yields, meet global demand

DuPont reports second quarter earnings per share of $1.04, reaffirms full year outlook

DuPont to open new soybean research center in Lawrence, Kansas

DuPont meets regulatory milestones for Optimum GAT trait in corn - Company stays on track for 2010 commercial introduction of next-generation herbicide tolerance trait in corn

PGG Wrightson to purchase AgarCross Uruguay SA from DuPont Argentina S.A.

June 07

DuPont and FOSS North America announce joint agreement to enhance ethanol production

New research center strengthens DuPont leadership position in Brazil seed market

DuPont helps meet global demand for grain

DuPont launches DuPont Cerenol, its newest renewably sourced polymer family - Family of polyols contains 80-100 percent renewable content while enhancing performance

May 07

DuPont receives experimental use permits for new Rynaxypyr insecticides - Altacor and Coragen take next step toward commercial release

Genetic diversity is key to solving future global challenges - Left unprotected, genetic resources will be lost forever

April 07

DuPont submits Optimum GAT trait in soybeans for EU approval - Next-generation herbicide tolerant trait awaiting EFSA safety evaluation

DuPont reports 15% earnings growth in first quarter 2007, reaffirms full year outlook

DuPont to help meet growing demand for plant breeders - Partnership with Purdue University develops scientists to address global demand for grain

DuPont receives final U.S. label for Express herbicide on sunflower

Herculex RW advances toward EU approval with positive scientific safety opinion

Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms of the European Food Safety Authority on an application (Reference EFSA-GMO-NL-2005-12) for the placing on the market of insect-resistant genetically modified maize 59122, for food and feed uses, import and processing under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003, from Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. and Mycogen Seeds, c/o Dow Agrosciences LLC

March 07

DuPont plans plant biotech research center in India

Court confirms DuPont ownership of soybean marker technology: judgment upholds patent for development of soybean cyst nematode resistance

DuPont Biofuels Vice President & General Manager addresses the World Biofuels Markets Conference

DuPont innovations to help agriculture meet global challenges - Advanced seed products, biofuels and biomaterials are just the beginning

February 07

DuPont executes investments to accelerate new seed product development - Plan expands R&D to meet demand for better genetics, biotech traits

DuPont Punch fungicide receives U.S. EPA Section 18 quarantine exemption for soybean rust

DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition growing and advancing rich pipeline of new technologies - Growth driven by better seed products, increased biotech penetration and crop protection advances

DuPont achieves milestone for Rynaxypyr insecticide

January 07

DuPont Group Vice President discusses future of African agriculture at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

DuPont technologies to help farmers and others meet President Bush's biofuels challenge

American Vanguard Corporation and DuPont Crop Protection to offer corn growers Impact herbicice in the Truchoice Opportunity Programm through Pioneer Hi-Bred International

DuPont licenses new fungicide from Mitsui - Penthiopyrad controls a broad spectrum of plant diseases and augments the product portfolio

Increased demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel revolutionizes the farming industry

December 06

DuPont achieves regulatory milestone for high oleic soybean oil trait - Bunge DuPont Alliance on track for U.S. commercialization of next-generation healthy soybean oil trait in 2009

DuPont further strengthens its seed business with second Chinese joint venture

DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition increases investment in plant biotechnology; streamlines butrition and crop protection businesses

November 06

DuPont announces new biotechnology advisory panel member

DuPont achieves regulatory milestone for Optimum GAT trait in soybeans - Next-generation herbicide tolerant trait on track for 2009 U.S. commercialization

DuPont soybean genetic marker technology speeds yield enhancement - Proprietary genetic markers deliver yield gains three times industry average

DuPont updates analysts on Pioneer North America harvest and Brazil performance

October 06

DuPont reports third quarter 2006 earnings of $.52 per share; revenues grow 7 percent, operating margins increase

Dr. William S. Niebur to serve as the new chair of CGIAR's Private Sector Committee

DuPont and CIMMYT announce $1.3 million maize collaboration for Africa - Public-private partnership to speed product development

Dow AgroSciences, DuPont expand access to Herculex traits - High demand prompts co-developers to make biotech traits more readily available to growers

DuPont leader outlines company's biofuels growth plans

September 06

Consolidated Grain and Barge Company announces low linolenic soybean contracting opportunities with the Bunge DuPont Biotech Alliance

DuPont Crop Protection expands its corn herbicide offerings

DuPont and Bayer CropScience to expand corn market offerings: DuPont to access Bayer chemistry; Bayer to participate in Pioneer TruChoice program

Bunge DuPont biotech alliance expands contracting opportunities for production of TREUS low linolenic soybean oil

August 06

DuPont and Bunge broaden soy collaboration to include industrial applications and biofuels

New plant sciences are key to meeting global demand for crops - DuPont Vice President says a better understanding of plant genes will help both developed and developing countries

DuPont to increase speed to market for new seed technology

DuPont leader outlines challenges and opportunities in crop production over the next decade

DuPont helps growers maximize soybean market opportunities - Characterization of high oil, protein levels beneficial for emerging biodiesel market

July 06

DuPont scientists outline company’s biofuels strategy

Delta and Pine Land Company acquires technology licences from DuPont

June 06

DuPont and BP announce partnership to develop advanced biofuels

DuPont Vice President of Research & Development, Agriculture & Nutrition Platform briefs analysts on technology pipeline

May 06

DuPont helps increase sunflower production for biofuels, healthy oils

DuPont and Devgen extend research collaboration on pest resistance solutions

DuPont executive outlines company’s plan for growth in alternative energy technologies

April 06

7.3 percent of DuPont shareholders vote in favor of a GMO disclosure resolution

DuPont statement on Japanese approval of Herculex RW and Herculex XTRA

DuPont and Syngenta form joint venture to facilitate the outlicensing of seed genetics and biotech traits
DuPont und Syngenta bilden Joint-Venture zur Lizenzierung von Saatgut-Genen und biotechnologischen Traits
DuPont et Syngenta créent une co-entreprise pour la concession sous licence de matériel génétique et de caractères biotechnologiques dans le domaine des semences

March 06

DuPont names new proprietary glyphosate, ALS-tolerant trait Optimum GAT

February 06

Syngenta and DuPont announce crop protection technology exchange
Syngenta und DuPont tauschen Pflanzenschutz-Technologien aus
Syngenta et DuPont annoncent un échange de technologies dans le domaine des phytosanitaires

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office awards 7 millionth patent to DuPont for bio-based material invention

December 05

Bunge and DuPont statement on Kellogg's announcement to use low linolenic soybean oil

November 05

DuPont updates investors on agriculture and nutrition segment

October 05

DuPont announces actions to increase shareholder value

September 05

DuPont names William Niebur to lead crop genetics research and development

DuPont and Tate & Lyle chief executives share their visions for bio-based economy: $100 million plant in East Tennessee to use corn to make clothing, carpeting and other end-products to reduce U.S. reliance on petroleum

July 05

DuPont announces new Biotechnology Advisory Panel member

DuPont Crop Protection and three Western Australian Research Groups announce research development license agreement to evaluate and explore seed germination technology

June 05

DuPont donates technology valued at US$4.8 million to Africa Nutritionally Enhanced Sorghum Project

May 05

CompleGen, Inc. and DuPont Crop Protection announce research agreement

April 05

Biotechnology can help meet global food, wellness and materials needs, says DuPont chairman

February 05

Icoria signs deal to screen chemicals from DuPont Crop Protection to identify new agricultural products

November 04

Syngenta and DuPont reach agreement on lawsuits

October 04

DuPont, Bunge introduce new soybean oil that eliminates trans fats in food; low linolenic soybean oil to be marketed under the NUTRIUM brand

September 04

DuPont CEO says benefits of biotechnology here today, more on the way

CompleGen and DuPont Crop Protection sign agreement to allow CompleGen access to a large compound chemical library

July 04

DuPont completes purchase of Maxygen subsidiary Verdia

June 04

DuPont to acquire Maxygen subsidiary Verdia

May 04

DuPont and Tate & Lyle form bio-products joint venture

March 04

DuPont announces US$1 million commitment to Global Crop Diversity Trust

February 04

DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition group vice president addresses Goldman Sachs Agricultural Forum

January 04

DuPont discovery could improve availability of key food ingredient: Pioneer scientists transfer "gum" gene to soybeans

DuPont announces organizational alignment to drive growth - Dean C. Oestreich to succeed Richard L. McConnell at Pioneer

December 03

U.S. patent granted to Dupont for soybean products with improved carbohydrate composition and soybean plants

November 03

Lynx Therapeutics signs multi-year agreement with DuPont

DuPont purchases Griffin Corporation's share of Griffin LLC

October 03

DuPont and the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory to develop world's first integrated 'bio-refinery'

June 03

J. Erik Fyrwald named Group Vice President - DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition; Des Moines will become agricultural business headquarters

First soybeans grown in space similar to earth-grown crops; DuPont research unveils future benefits in crop production, space exploration

May 03

Diversa expands relationship with DuPont

February 03

Clothing from corn fields: DuPont develops a fermentation-based process to create Sorona(R) polymer from renewable resources

January 03

DuPont and Bunge announce global alliance, including joint venture to produce and market specialty food ingredients

December 02

DuPont names new Biotechnology Advisory Panel members

DuPont establishes commercial seed business in China

October 02

DuPont shares significant wheat genome information

DuPont is part of science-based consortium receiving U.S. Dept. of Energy `bio-refinery' grant to develop ethanol fuel, value-added chemicals from renewable resources like corn

First soybeans grown in space return to earth; DuPont research demonstrates future benefits in crop production

May 02

DuPont to launch soybeans into space; first soybeans grown in space will focus on discovering future benefits

April 02

Myriad Genetics and DuPont form $24 million research collaboration

DuPont and Monsanto reach agreement that brings new technologies to farmers worldwide

February 02

DuPont aligns its businesses in five market- and technology-focused growth platforms

October 01

Monsanto and DuPont resolve issues relating to YieldGard(R) insect-protected corn (3860)

September 01

Dupont gives agricultural pesticide patent to Purdue University

May 01

DuPont makes key polymer ingredient from corn instead of petroleum

April 01

DuPont to phase out sale of Benlate

March 01

DuPont reaffirms Pioneer Hi-Bred ability to market Roundup Ready(R) soybeans and Roundup Ready(R) canola

March 00

Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives, Cargill and DuPont to create, new Web marketplace for farmers - Dealers, co-ops and manufacturers under one virtual roof

February 00

DuPont reviews progress toward double-digit earnings growth

DuPont and Affymax Technologies announce collaborative research and development agreement

January 00

DuPont and Monsanto announce glyphosate supply agreement

December 99

Lynx Therapeutics achieves technical milestone in collaboration with DuPont

October 99

Soy protein health claim, filed by DuPont's Protein Technologies International, receives FDA authorization

Pioneer to stay true to customers, bring new opportunities as part of DuPont

Pioneer names Chicoine President and CEO

DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. merger completed

DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. announce preliminary proration factor

September 99

DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. announce stock conversion ratio for merger

DuPont takes public leadership role in biotechnology

August 99

SEC declares effective registration statement relating to proposed merger by DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Pioneer sets record date for DuPont merger

July 99

DuPont realigns senior leadership responsibilities; sets Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., post-merger executive roles (2020)

DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. file transaction statement outlining proposed merger

June 99

DuPont to restructure crop protection business

European Commission clears proposed merger by DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

May 99

U.S. antitrust review completed of proposed merger by DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

April 99

DuPont and Pioneer Hi-Bred International update review timeline related to proposed merger

March 99

DuPont to acquire Pioneer

DuPont takes steps to execute life sciences strategy

December 98

DuPont and the United Soybean Board announce signing of a letter of intent to form a research partnership

November 98

DuPont and Lynx Therapeutics announce genomic research collaboration

September 98

DuPont forms research allliance with John Innes Centre, The Sainsbury Laboratory, and Plant Bioscience Ltd.

July 98

CuraGen and DuPont Announce Collaboration to Explore the Power of Genomics to Enhance Crop Protection Product Discovery and Development

April 98

DuPont acquires Hybridnova S.A., hybrid wheat subsidiary from Lafarge

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