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August 09

Dr. Wang Jingling of Northeast Agricultural University, China awarded the World Soybean Conference Prize

Bayer CropScience and China National Rice Research Institute sign agreements for rice research and development
Bayer CropScience und chinesisches Reisinstitut CNRRI vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit

Two new AVRDC tomato varieties released in China

Overview of Malaysian Agricultural Biotechnology - A Frost & Sullivan whitepaper

Embrapa Soja terá 9 pesquisadores no Mundial de Soja na China

First submergence-tolerant rice variety released in the Philippines

Seed Innovations, a vegetable seed company of the Vibha Seed Group, launches 10 new products

Ragged stunt on rice in Viet Nam

Rice Today, a publication of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Asian Farmer’s Network-Philippines upholds support to biotechnology tools for food, feed and fiber security

July 09

Rice blast, a fungal disease, on rice in Jumla district, Nepal

SmartStax corn receives Japanese import approval - Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences note that key import approval represents a significant step toward 2010 launch

Osamu Sugimura, General Manager of the International Sales and Marketing Department, appointed and approved to be a Director of Takii & Co., Ltd.

Afghanistan prepares itself to resist a deadly plant plague: Ug99 wheat stem rust poses a threat to food security in the region

Traditional Thai hill farmers help preserve genetic diversity of rice

Krishidhan Vegetable Seeds R&D Center recognized by the Govt. Authority of India

Tungro disease on rice in The Philippines

Sakata announces the divestment of Sakata Ornamentals UK Ltd. in the United Kingdom

Devgen and Sang Hyang Seri announce hybrid rice production cooperation in Indonesia

ICRISAT offers short courses with University of Florida

Joint ICARDA-ARC Wheat Improvement Program for Irrigated Areas in Central and West Asia and North Africa

New strain of stem rust on wheat in India

Philippines' National Academy of Science awards biotech plant breeders

SGS launches its Seed & Crop Services in China

Bt cotton cultivation to officially start next year in Pakistan

India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC): Decision taken in the 95th Meeting of the GEAC held on 8th July, 2009

FuturaGene’s wholly owned subsidiaries, CBD Technologies LTD and FuturaGene Investment Consulting (Beijing) expand their collaboration agreement with the Research Institute of Tropic Forestry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry

First report of black rot on peanut in China

India boosts import for R&D of transgenic crops

India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee approves field trials with GM cotton, rice, okra, brinjal, potato, groundnut, tomato, corn, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard and sorghum for generation of biosafety data

Balancing productivity and trade objectives in a competing environment: should India commercialize GM rice with or without China?

New rice varieties up for commercial cultivation in The Philippines

Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter e.V. (BDP) und AgroSojus, der Verband der kasachischen Saatgutwirtschaft, unterzeichnen „Memorandum über Zusammenarbeit und gegenseitiges Verständnis“

U.S. waxy barley catches the spotlight in Japan

INCOTEC flourishing: opening of second facility for INCOTEC Japan

June 09

Hurdles in approval of new varieties of Bt cotton seed in Pakistan

With two acquisitions, DuPont adds cotton to its seed product lineup in India

Pakistan to establish two world class institutes of research for wheat and cotton

Pakistan government in talks to buy BT cotton seed

Pakistan: Punjab Agricultural Research Board deferres approval of eight BT cotton varieties

India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC): Decision taken in the 94th Meeting of the GEAC held on 10th June, 2009

Collar rot & leaf blights on tomato, capsicum and strawberries in Himachal Pradesh, India

Genetic fingerprinting makes rice breeding easier

India's Central Rice Research Institute releases drought-resistant paddy variety for rain-fed areas

ISAAA publishes "Biotech Crops in India: The Dawn of a New Era"

Report on China's seed and seedlings trade and import & export enterprises

A decade of effort in developing sweet pepper hybrids bears fruit at AVRDC, The World Vegetable Center

Bacterial leaf blight on rice in Central Java, Indonesia

Novel upland rice variety bred using marker-assisted selection and client-oriented breeding released in Jharkhand, India

Chinese "space vegetables" expected to be available in 2012

Rice virus alert in Vietnam

Filipino farmers welcome new rice varieties

Spot blotch on wheat in Punjab and Sindh, Pakistan

India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC):
2008-09 evaluation of Bt cotton hybrids in the north zone of India
- 2008-09 evaluation of Bt cotton hybrids in the central zone of India
- 2008-09 evaluation of Bt cotton hybrids in the south zone of India

ICRISAT develops climate change ready varieties of pearl millet, sorghum, chickpea, pigeonpea and groundnut

Publication on hereditary basis and molecular mechanism of superhybrid rice LYP9 and its parents

Arysta LifeScience Corporation adds novel, plant-oil based insecticide to its product portfolio
Arysta incorpora a su cartera de productos un novedoso insecticida a base de aceite vegetal
Arysta ajoute un nouvel insecticide à base d’huile de plantes à sa gamme de produits
Arysta fügt seiner Produktlinie neuartiges Pflanzenöl-basiertes Insektizid hinzu
Arysta acrescenta inseticida inovador à base de óleo vegetal a sua carteira de produtos
Arysta brengt nieuwe insecticide op basis van plantaardige olie op de markt

Las primeras variedades de 'arroz dorado' se podrían sembrar en Asia en 2011, según el IRRI

AGRA and JICA cement new partnership to double Africa’s rice production

May 09

Decisions taken at the 93nd Meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) held on 13 May 2009

Indonesian scientists develop insect resistant soybean

Fungal diseases on cereal crops in China, Ireland

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Annual tomatoes and products report, China

DA-PhilRice beefs up for rice self-sufficiency

First Jatropha genome completed by Synthetic Genomics Inc. and Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology

DNA LandMarks announces strategic collaboration with Malaysia Biotech

New species of begomovirus causing tomato leaf curl identified in India

Devgen and Leads Agri sign agreement for distribution of Devgen's hybrid rice seed products in the Philippines

Hybrid BT cotton technology should be acquired from China, says Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

Bt cotton will be grown on 800 acres in Punjab and Sindh, says Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

Rijk Zwaan offers prospects for convenience sector
Rijk Zwaan biedt perspectief aan convenience sector

University of Nebraska-Lincoln plant breeder P. Stephen Baenziger chosen for the board of the International Rice Research Institute

Reduction or removal of rice and corn planting seed subsidy in The Philippines

New tomato virus pathogens in India and USA

Chinese Academy of Sciences scientists cultivate new salt-tolerant wheat variety

Dr William D Dar, ICRISAT Director General, appointed for a third five-year term in office

Rice farmers urged to use certified seeds despite reduced subsidies

Pakistani farmers asked to adopt hybrid cotton

Rijk Zwaan shows range at Chinese vegetable trade fair
Rijk Zwaan toont assortiment op Chinese groentebeurs

April 09

Problem formulation: a critical step in risk assessment of GM crops

Novel upland rice variety bred using marker-assisted selection and client-oriented breeding released in Jharkhand, India

Embrapa e o Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (Jircas) aprovam projeto de 6 milhões para soja tolerante à seca

Tungro disease on rice in the Philippines

Advanta and Arcadia BioSciences to develop salt-tolerant sorghum

2008-09 evaluation of Bt cotton hybrids in the north zone of India

At least three banned varieties of cotton and an unapproved variety of rice paddy under widespread cultivation in Pakistan

Memorandum of understanding signed for cultivation of Jatropha seeds in Pakistan

Rust diseases on wheat in the United Kingdom and Pakistan

DNA LandMarks and Advanta India announce strategic partnership in molecular breeding for vegetable and row crops

A groundbreaking pigeonpea hybrid developed in India and embraced by farmers there promises to revolutionize pigeonpea production in China

Pakistan's Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) fails to produce virus-free cotton variety

Bt brinjal may be released commercially in India by year-end

China breeds rapeseed varieties with record high oil content

New public-private partnership for hybrid rice in India

Bayer CropScience achieves partial success in enforcing its patent rights in a Chinese court of law
Bayer CropScience erzielt vor einem chinesischen Gericht einen Teilerfolg in einem Patentstreit

FuturaGene’s wholly owned subsidiary, CBD Technologies, Ltd. announces the granting of plant cell wall modification patent in Japan

IFPRI issue brief: Local markets, local varieties: rising food prices and small farmers' access to seed

"Scuba rice" that can survive more than two weeks under water makes a splash in India and Bangladesh

AVRDC’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies spread throughout India

Arcadia Biosciences and Advanta to develop salt tolerant sorghum

Late blight on potato in the UK and Bangladesh

India cements rising star status in world cotton production

Monsanto Company and Hunan University enter into research collaboration to source novel genes for crop improvement

Bayer CropScience's LibertyLink soybeans approved for import into Korea

American Soybean Association celebrates South Korean regulatory approval of LibertyLink soybeans, declares an historic milestone in the advancement of biotech soybeans

March 09

Supreme Seed Company launches first hybrid cotton seed in Bangladesh

Devgen NV and Sumitomo Chemical Company renew their agrochemical compound discovery agreement

New strain of stripe rust on wheat in India

China's "Green super rice for the resource poor of Asia and Africa" project receives financial support from the Gates Foundation

Aluminum toxicity tolerance breeding in Indonesian soybeans

Critical gene for enhancing China's super rice yield identified

DuPont and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences collaborate to advance crop insect control, increase yield

Climate change adaptation innovations bring hope to dryland farmers

Pakistan to benefit from Chinese hybrid rice technology

DuPont Crop Protection partners with GVK Biosciences and Syngene International to boost product pipeline

Thailand's National Biotechnology Policy Framework aims to boost the number of biotech patents

Leading virologist Dr. V. Muniyappa joins United Genetics Seeds Company

DuPont partners with Indonesian Center for Rice Research to advance hybrid rice

Identification of a new begomovirus associated with yellow leaf curl diseases of tomato and pepper in Sulawesi, Indonesia

50 years of rice research helps feed the world

Bitter gourd: high value, high input

Wheat rusts in Kenya, India, Australia

Late blight on potato in India and Bangladesh: update

Deutsch-chinesische Forschergruppe erhält 1,35 Millionen Euro - Kooperation von Freier Universität und „China Agricultural University“ in Peking zur Optimierung der Stickstoffnutzung von Reis
German-Chinese research group to receive € 1.35 million - Freie Universität Berlin and China Agricultural University cooperate on research project to optimise nitrogen efficiency in rice

Magic pea leads a new Green Revolution in the drylands: Pushkal, a new variety of pigeonpea, is the first commercially available hybrid legume in the world

Rust diseases on wheat and mustard in India

DuPont and the International Rice Research Institute partner to boost rice yields

India's GEAC: New procedure for commercial release of Bt cotton hybrids expressing approved events

1,300 farmers attend Nunhems' Mega Field Day in Bangalore, India

February 09

Another three biotech crops to hit the Philippines market in 2012

Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company gets ready to go commercial with Bt varieties of staple crops such as rice, wheat and some vegetables

American Soybean Association welcomes South Korean regulatory approvals for new soybean traits

India releases new procedure for commercial release of Bt cotton hybrids expressing approved events

National University of Singapore partners with International Rice Research Institute

Molecular markers pinpoint genes for disease resistance in tomato

Decisions taken at the 92nd Meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee held on 12 February 2009

Professor Kadambot Siddique, whose work pioneered the Australian chickpea industry, honored by the Indian Society of Pulse Research and Development

Dow AgroSciences and China National Rice Research Institute announce collaboration on rice research - Dow AgroSciences traits to combine with CNRRI’s rice germplasm

SEED INFO - Official newsletter of the WANA Seed Network
Afghanistan establishes National Seed Association

Agenda for the 92st meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) to be held on February 11, 2009

Decisions taken at the 91st Meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee held on 14 January 2009

Rise in global temperatures takes toll on tomato farmers and wholesale dealers in India

Cornell University Chronicle: Bt eggplant will soon be unveiled in India

Syngenta enters into research collaboration with Anhui Academy, China
Syngenta conclut un accord de collaboration avec l’Académie d’Anhui, Chine
Syngenta vereinbart Forschungskooperation mit der Anhui Academy in China

ICRISAT and Government of India plan platform for translational research on transgenic crops

Stripe rust on wheat in China

ISAAA Brief 38 on "The Development and Regulation on Bt Brinjal in India (Eggplant/Aubergine)"

Transgenic chickpea plants resistant to sap-sucking insects

Indian scientists develop transgenic chickpea resistant to cowpea aphids

Undiagnosed diseases, multicrop, in Bhutan and India

January 09

Sakata Seed Corporation acquires Reed’s Seeds cabbage genetics

Pakistani farmers to grow Bt cotton with government agreement

AgBioForum Bulletin Volume 11 Number 2
- How external political-economic forces affect firms' attitudes toward the industrial use of genetically modified organisms: an analysis in the South Korean context
- Does biotech labeling affect consumers' purchasing decisions? A case study of vegetable oils in Nanjing, China

Government of The Philippines releases high-lysine OP variety of white corn

Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute developing new varieties of rice that are resistant to flood, drought, and high temperatures

New agreement between ICAR and IRRI opens avenues for strengthening Indian rice research

India launches 'agricultural Wikipedia', online repository of agricultural information in the country

Leaf blight on potato in Bangladesh

The development and regulation of Bt brinjal in India

Bt brinjal, coming soon to India?

New, higher-yielding rice plant could ease threat of hunger for poor - Global consortium of scientists developing rice that would boost yields by up to 50% for smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia

Arcadia Biosciences and Advanta to develop nitrogen use efficient sorghum

Agenda for the 91st meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) to be held on January 14, 2009

Late blight on potato in Nepal

Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA), a major agricultural initiative, will benefit millions of South Asian farmers and help ensure regional food security

USDA/FAS GAIN report: China, planting seeds annual

Aklan State University researcher finds an easy way to germinate sago palm seeds

China gets in line on patent standards

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 12 - December 2008
- Report from the field: Wheat stem rust resistance screening at Njoro, Kenya

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Seed Project triggers quantum jump in quality seed production

Danforth Center scientists identify technology to reduce the spread of rice tungro bacilliform virus (RTVB)  - Discovery may lead to increased rice crop yields

December 08

Blackstone Group to invest in the NSL Group's Nuziveedu Seeds

Fungal blight on onion in Maharashtra, India

Late blight on potato in Punjab, India

Origin Agritech Limited announces change in Board of Directors and co-Chief Executive Officer status

Blast rice disease on rice in Haryana, India

FAO reports bleak forecast for agriculture in Afghanistan

India: Annual planting seed report

Cost and benefits of Bt cotton technology in Pakistan

ICRISAT’s Agri-Business Incubator awarded as best in Asia-Pacific

Dr B.R. Barwale releases his autobiography “My Journey with Seeds and the Development of Indian Seed Industry"

New USDA/ARS soybean variety sets sights on Japanese soyfoods market
Nueva variedad de soya para el mercado japonés de alimentos a base de soya

Socioeconomic and environmental impacts of GM crops to be discussed at international conference in April 2009

Research and Markets releases 'A Survey of Gene Modified (GM) Crops in China'

Improved maize varieties and partnerships welcomed in Bhutan

Asian grasslands may hold global promise
Praderas asiáticas podrían rendir información útil para todo el mundo

Arcadia Biosciences receives $3.6 million USAID grant to develop improved crops in India - Nitrogen use efficient, salt-tolerant and water use efficient crops can improve food security, farm income and the environment in India

Decisions taken in the 90th meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee held on 12 November 2008

November 08

The Philippines BPI authorizes import of Bt cotton seeds from India

Chinese scientists call for enhancing studies on chromosome engineering in plants

Pakistan signs agreement with China on BT cotton technology

New flood-tolerant rice varieties pass field tests in Bangladesh and India

Bayer CropScience successful in preventing counterfeiting in China
Bayer CropScience erfolgreich im Kampf gegen chinesische Produktfälschung

Vietnam to test GM crops in 2009-10 and launch commercial plantings in 2011

American Society of Agronomy honors ICRISAT scientist

Bayer CropScience CEO opens new rice development center in Thailand
Bayer CropScience-Vorstandschef eröffnet neues Reis-Entwicklungszentrum in Thailand

Downey mildew on maize in Tamil Nadu, India

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) 2007/08 reports (PDF):
- Bt cotton hybrids evaluation report - North zone
- Bt cotton hybrids evaluation report - Central zone
- Bt cotton hybrids evaluation report - South zone

Republic of the Philippines leads in development of GM crops in Southeast Asia

Bayer CropScience and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences sign memorandum of understanding, initiate joint projects in seeds and traits business development
Bayer CropScience und die Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences unterzeichnen Vereinbarung Strategische Partnerschaft zum Ausbau des Saatgut- und Traitsgeschäfts

October 08

Hanoi, Vietnam to host 3rd International Rice Congress in 2010

Southeast Asian nations endorse rice action plan

Late blight on potato in Papua New Guinea

Rationalizing and Harmonizing Plant Biotechnology Regulations in Southeast Asia

Surveys show continued strong support for agricultural biotechnology

Message from the President of the newly formed Afghanistan National Seed Association (ANSA)

Rockefeller Foundation to provide funding to IRRI to shepherd Golden Rice through national, regulatory approval processes in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Republic of Korea - Planting seeds annual

Government of Pakistan and Monsanto likely to finalise Bt cotton accord in November

Decisions taken in the 89th meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee held on 8 October 2008

Commercialization of PhilRice's 3-in-1 rice anticipated to yield lots of benefits

Philippines Department of Agriculture pushes to develop Central Luzon as ag biotech hub

First meeting of the Afghanistan National Seed Association (ANSA)

USDA/FAS GAIN report: India - Planting seeds annual

Ragged stunt and yellow stunt threaten rice fields across Vietnam

Copyrights for seeds is only way to achieve cotton target in Pakistan

USDA/FAS GAIN report: China's new oilseed industrial policy

Rice diseases in Bangladesh and Pakistan

Origin Agritech Ltd doubles market penetration efforts to 1,000 demonstration lots, sees seed prices increasing

Vietnam to plant genetically modified corn in 2009

Seedsmen Association of Andhra Pradesh, India elects Mr. G.V.Bhaskar Rao, as President of the Association for a second term

September 08

Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC) starts sale of virus-free potato seed

Bt cotton acreage rises 20% in India

Foot rot and false smut on rice in the Punjab, India

Vietnamese government grants VND 500 billion  for top agricultural research

Pakistan's Ayub Agricultural Research Institute develops UG99 resistant wheat variety

U.S. Grains Council: Feed demand growing in China, acreage maxed

Hot topic: Multi-disease resistant chili lines for higher yields and income

Bacterial leaf blight on rice in the Punjab, India

Canada's Centre for Systems Integration offers direct access to Japan’s organic market

DuPont opens facility for corn research in Bangalore, India

SEED INFO - Official newsletter of the WANA Seed Network
- F
irst seed storage facility for village-based seed enterprises in Afghanistan
- Pakistan launches vegetables seed production program

- and more

First report of powdery mildew caused by Oidium neolycopersici on tomato in China

Chinese hybrid rice introduced to more than 40 countries and regions
Plus de 40 pays et régions introduisent le riz hybride chinois

India fully geared to tackle wheat stem rust threat posed by Ug99

China to launch $3.5 billion research project on GM crops

Monsanto's Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans receive regulatory approval in China

Vietnam to build ag biotechnology research center

Decisions taken in the 88th meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) held on 13 August 2008

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Thailand to require phytosanitary certificates for waiver commodities

Pakistan launches national biosafety body

Tungro virus on rice in South Cotabato, The Philippines

August 08

Indian Council of Agricultural Research develops first hybrid of Indian mustard

Philippines to develop corn varieties resistant to downy mildew using marker-assisted selection

Philippine Rice Research Institute develops 3-in-1 rice variety

Pigeonpea varieties developed by ICRISAT becoming popular in the hill of Uttarakhand, North India

Origin Agritech Limited reports third quarter FY08 results

Spread of Rice stripe virus in Zhejiang Province, China

Monsanto and China National Seed Group Corporation increase investments in existing corn seed joint venture in China

Philippine Rice Research Institute issues warning against Bacterial leaf streak

Vibha Seed Group inaugurates new corporate office in Hyderabad, India

Late blight on potato in Karnataka, Indian and several states in Canada (alert)

The Philippines: Seed subsidy program get more funds from PGMA’s ‘Katas ng vat” in line with farm-friendly SONA commitments

ICRISAT and India's Department of Biotechnology to establish new facility for agribiotechnology research

Cotton import may cost Pakistan US$1 billion in fiscal year 2009

Late blight on potato in Bhutan

USDA/FAS GAIN report: India, biotechnology annual report

Launch of the Philippine Biosafety Clearing House

July 08

Initiatives for GM crop sales in Pakistan

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to invest in high-yield plants for export

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Thailand - Annual biotechnology report 2008

ICRISAT now a top ranking global research institution

Indian seed company Krishidhan and Dutch biotech company Proteios International sign agreement for the development and application of molecular markers and DNA detection technologies on cotton

New regional seed association comprises Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
Nouvelle association regroupe les semenciers du Caucase et d'Asie Centrale

Origin Agritech Limited announces notes repurchase agreement

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Bayer Group discuss cooperation strategy on crop research

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Vietnam biotechnology report

AgBioForum Bulletin Volume 11 Number 1
- Can information about GM corn and its oil have significant effects on Japanese consumers' risk perception and their valuation?

India joins OECD Seed Certification Schemes program

World's first cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) based pigeonpea hybrid commercialized

India: Decisions taken in the 87th meeting of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) held on 9 July 2008

Chinese Ministry of Agriculture announces program of the September 2008 China International Seed Industry Summit

China approves transgenic species development program

Punjab University Seed Centre produces hybrid seed through tissue culture

Decision of the 86th meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee held on 25 June 2008 (PDF)

Chinese Academy of Sciences research sheds new light on Asian rice domestication

Barenbrug supplier of grass in Beijing Olympics Stadium

June 08

Vietnamese scientist sells rights to high yielding hybrid-rice variety to Cuong Tan Company Ltd

India: Sowing of kharif pulses and bajra jumps by a big margin compared to last year

Sichuan earthquake causes $6 billion damage to agriculture - Over 30 million people in rural areas affected; rehabilitation of agriculture could take 3 to 5 years

Kharif sowing progressing well in India: major food crops see increase in area planted over last year

India adopts new set of guidelines for GE plants and foods

Agenda for the 86th meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) to be held on 25.6.2008

Decisions taken in the 85th Meeting of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee held on 28 May 2008 (PDF)
- Mahyco receives seed production approval for Bt Brinjal

Mahyco receives seed production approval for Bt Brinjal

First report of the A2 mating type of Phytophthora infestans on tomato crops in Taiwan

Bayer CropScience opens rice research laboratory in Singapore
Bayer CropScience eröffnet Reis-Forschungslabor in Singapur

Origin Agritech releases three new corn hybrids and one new GM cotton variety in China

The Asia & Pacific Seed Association welcomes Dr. Zenaida Nisperos Ganga as its new Deputy Director

Project to evolve hybrid Bt cotton variety launched in Pakistan

Tomato zonate spot virus (TZSV; proposed): a significant new tospovirus of vegetable crops in Yunnan, China

Sakata to acquire gerbera breeding program from Varinova B.V.

Origin Agritech Ltd. reports second quarter fiscal 2008 results

May 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 5 - May 2008
- Asian maize network tackles drought

Limited release of GM cotton in Pakistan

Government of Pakistan and Monsanto sign letter of intent for the development of GM cotton

BASF Plant Science and Academia Sinica (Taipei) to cooperate on gene discovery
BASF Plant Science und Academia Sinica (Taipei) vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit auf dem Gebiet der Genentdeckung

Undiagnosed virus on muskmelon in Punjab, India

Limagrain unveils new structure for its vegetable seed operations - Harris Moran (USA) to link with Clause (France) and Marco Polo (Thailand)

Pakistan on UG99 wheat stem rust high alert

Científicos descubren el gen 'clave' del arroz

Taiwan implements registration for stacked traits

Chinese scientists find 'yield-improving rice gene'

Origin Agritech Limited provides updates to its Chengdu operations from recent earthquake

First hybrid rice variety worldwide resistant to bacterial leaf blight: Bayer CropScience launches new high-yielding rice variety in India
Weltweit erster gegen Bakterienbrand resistenter Hybridreis: Bayer CropScience führt neue Hochertrags-Reissorte in Indien ein

The Philippines and the International Rice Research Institute join forces to attain rice self sufficiency by 2010

Economic Coordination Committee approves letter of intent for hiring Monsanto Company to introduce Bt cotton varieties in Pakistan

New rice varieties from the International Rice Research Institute can survive flooding, salinity and drought

The Philippines stand fast on science-based biosafety regulations: U.S. rice shipment is safe

India: Certified seed production of pulses to be doubled in four years

Government of India: import of quality seeds and planting materials with a view to improve productivity

Pakistan's Ministry of Agriculture proposes Bt cotton introduction

Pakistan's Ministry of Agriculture seeks approval from ECC on Bt cotton

Nepalese farmers to benefit from Crop & Food Research's oat varieties that can be grown in the Himalayan regions during winter

Undiagnosed disease on wheat in Uttar Pradesh, India - Request for information

Researchers from China's Oil Crops Research Institute develop transgenic oilseed rape lines resistant to Sclerotinia

Agenda for the 84th meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) to be held on 2.5.2008

April 08

Biotechnology in Pakistan - A overview

Official opening of new De Ruiter Seeds site in China

DuPont partners with China to increase farm productivity

Conservation of genetic diversity must for sustainable agriculture, says India's Agriculture Minister

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada bi-weekly bulletin: China

Plant Genetic Resources for Agriculture, Plant Breeding, and Biotechnology - Experiences from Cameroon, Kenya, the Philippines, and Venezuela

DuPont Knowledge Center in Hyderabad, India, inaugurates its Biotechnology Research Center

First field tests of Golden Rice in the Philippines

India's Central Institute for Cotton Research developing new variety of short staple BT cotton

Maize hybrids being popularized in India

Major new partnership in rice research launched at IRRI headquarters

International Seed Testing Association announces Workshop on Seed sampling, Moisture, Germination, Purity and Quality Management

Syngenta to build major global biotech research center in Beijing, China
Syngenta errichtet globales Biotech-Forschungszentrum in Peking
Syngenta va construire un grand centre mondial de recherche biotechnologique à Pékin

Bacterial leaf blight on rice in Bangladesh

Bayer CropScience to enforce its Mefenpyr patent
Bayer CropScience will Mefenpyr-Patent durchsetzen

U.S. National Corn Growers Association hails Japan’s growing acceptance of biotech corn for food

Arcadia Biosciences and MAHYCO announce multi-crop, multi-technology licensing agreement

Downy mildew disease hits muskmelon crop in the Punjab, India

Philippine Rice Research Institute pushes high-yielding rice varieties to raise production

The Philippines urged to expand rice hectarage, use biotech rice

Wheat stripe rust, oilseed rape sclerotinia in China

India develops PCR-based rapid diagnostic kits for five GM crops

83rd meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC)

New maize and new friendships to beat Thai drought

March 08

Improving GMO regulation in Indonesia

Scientists develop transgenic tomatoes with increased resistance to the common cutworm

China to launch large research programme on GM crops

Useful sources of resistance to white rust disease, caused by Albugo candida, identified in Brassica juncea germplasm from Australia, China and India

Outbreak of sharp eyespot disease in China threatens 4.83 million hectares of wheat

Bayer CropScience signs letter of intent regarding cooperation in hybrid rice with Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture

ICRISAT launches Center of Excellence in Genomics and Bio-Food Knowledge Center

Origin Agritech Ltd reports first quarter fiscal 2008 results

Origin Agritech updates its GM pipeline to set forth the next generation of corn product into China

Update on virus diseases on rice in Vietnam

Origin Agritech adds six new rice hybrid varieties to its product line for distribution during the next sales season in 5 provinces throughout the southwest regions of China

South Asian nations team up for food security

PhilRice breeders working on heat tolerant rice varieties

PhilRice develops flood-tolerant rice variety

Rising demand for flowers in India

Puslit Bioteknologi LIPI merakit padi transgenik tahan kekeringan
Indonesia develops a genetically engineered rainfed lowland rice cultivar with drought tolerance

First report of Beet mosaic virus infecting lettuce (China)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Bi-weekly Bulletin: Japan

Measures taken to support organic farming in India

Origin Agritech announces nationwide corn seed approvals and additional provincial approval

New report indicate large GM potential for South Asia

Rice R&D confab to highlight poverty and malnutrition

First report of Yellow leaf curl disease of pumpkin in Thailand associated with Squash leaf curl China virus

Cornell partners with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University of India to offer innovative degree in food science

Innovative active ingredient protects against fungal diseases: Fluopicolide from Bayer CropScience receives registrations in Japan and the United States - Launch of Reliable, Stellar and Presidio planned for 2008
Innovativer Wirkstoff schützt vor pilzlichen Krankheiten: Fluopicolide von Bayer CropScience erhält Zulassung in Japan und in den USA - Markteinführung von Reliable, Stellar und Presidio in 2008 geplant

Advanta acquires Garrison & Townsend of Hereford, Texas

Five new corn hybrids from Origin Agritech approved in central and west China

Commercial production of GM eggplant in The Philippines within two years

Scientists meet to launch a multi-million dollar project  to step up rice production in Africa and Asia

February 08

South Korea buys 697,000 MT of biotech corn for food use

AVRDC, The World Vegetable Center, appoints new Director General

Government of the Philippines to test GM rice rich in pro-Vitamin A

Takii acquires a 100% share in Danish flower seed company Global Flowers A/S

Origin Agritech announces world's first genetically modified phytase corn

Economic and environmental benefits and costs of transgenic crops in India and Bangladesh

Revision of Plant Variety Protection Regulations in China

Thai Cabinet to allow biotech field trials with restrictive measures

India: Planting seeds 2006-07

The Philippines cited as top GM corn producer

Development of new plant breeding methods for more yield in food crops

Biotech and GMO use on the rise in The Philippines

Southeast Asian biotechnology regulators and researchers to discuss rationalization and harmonization

Reports of brassica diseases in Turkey and Nepal

New basmati variety can resist bacteria

Agricultural Council of Agricultural Research solicits views on seed standards for germination and dormancy treatments for indigenous medicinal and aromatic plants

Engineering fungal resistance in rice

Backgrounders from the Ministry of the Environment of India
- Safety concerns regarding transgenic crops
- Applications of genetically modified crops

Submergence-tolerant rice line now in the pipeline

India's Cotton Advisory Board estimates an all-time record cotton production in 2007-08

Potato diseases in West Bengal, India

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group discusses cooperative research on plant growth promoting rhizobacteria with the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Decision taken at the 82st meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) held on January 11, 2008

China establishes four new national standards that set quality requirements for legume, cereal, fiber crop, and oilseed seeds

Monsanto receives final regulatory approval in Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan for its second-generation soybean technology, Roundup Ready 2 Yield (MON 89788)

Virus and blast diseases on rice in the Mekong delta of Vietnam

January 08

Advanta acquires the vegetable seed business of Unicorn Seeds Ltd.

Agri-biotech sector grows at 30% in India

Transgenic rice seeds still await the go-ahead in China

India's Department of Biotechnology posts new guidelines for GM crops

With rice production facing unprecedented pressure, new Gates funding to help poor rice farmers succeed amid climate change and other challenges

BASF Plant Science and National Institute of Biological Sciences (China) enter cooperation and license agreement
BASF Plant Science und das National Institute of Biological Sciences (China) beschließen Zusammenarbeit und Lizenzvereinbarung

India may turn into a big producer of GM rice and vegetables by 2010

Indian scientists develop a variety of corn with extra protein through marker-assisted breeding

Vietnam: draft regulations for field trials of genetically modified crops

Web on Wednesday: Cotton leaf curl study tour in Pakistan

Papua New Guinea's potato industry expected to bounce back from potato late blight disease

Philippines Department of Agriculture and University of the Philippines Los Baños Foundation ink agreement on to distribution of high-quality OP white corn seeds

Virus diseases on rice in Vietnam

Melon necrotic spot virus newly reported in China

Government of Pakistan launches vegetable seed and seedling production program, calls for cooperators and suppliers

Pakistan to introduce genetically modified cottonseed in 2009

Devgen strengthens management team by appointing Mr. Bipin Solanki as CEO of Devgen Seeds and Crop Technology in India

Industrialization of sweet sorghum derivatives fruitful

Fungal diseases on potato in Bangladesh

India's DRDO develops transgenic tomato tolerant to cold temperatures and water stress

National Seed Association of India elects members of its 2008 Governing Council

December 07

Seed Processing Holland BV, appoints sales manager for China

Verdict Systems and Astec Global sign agreement to sell Verdict data loggers in Asia and Africa through Astec Global

Late blight on patato in Punjab and West Bengal, India

E-newsletter vol 4 no 12 - December 2007
- Quality and quantity: China-CIMMYT wheats take prize

University of Western Australia collaborates with Zhejiang University and Huazhong Agricultural University on a project on breeding super brassicas for increased oil seed and/or vegetable production

Taiwan grants approval to Agrisure MIR604 Corn and renewal approvals to RRS40-3-2 soybean and Mon810 corn
The Philippines approve Syngenta's MIR604 corn

Praj Industries joins ICRISAT's sweet sorghum ethanol consortium

India: Wheat acreage goes up to 206 Lakh per hectare; Rabi sowing progressing well

Texas A&M University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering signs agreement with Chinese cctton ginning machinery manufacturer

Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India) Limited claims 61% rise in Bt cotton area in India

CGIAR News - December 2007 issue
- Report on AGM07: A Changing CGIAR for a Changing World
- China and the CGIAR: Strengthening the Partnership
- more...

Decision taken in the 81st Meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) held on November 22, 2007

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and CIMMYT team up to confront climate change and new subspecies of wheat stem rust

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) of the United Nations supports biofuels research-for-development project led by ICRISAT

USDA/ARS GAIN report: China - Planting seeds, annual

Monsanto to invest US$5 million in Indonesian seed industry

DuPont joint venture with Chinese biotech firm strengthens gene discovery research efforts

First report of phyllody disease on chickpea in Pakistan

China's new high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat boosting domestic production as world prices soar

November 07

India's rice production is rising

India: Sowing progressing well in the present rabi season

China changes agriculture investment restrictions

First report of of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in the Netherlands and of Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus in Taiwan

India: Bt cotton grown in nine cotton-growing states

Monsanto expands its sponsorship of the Peking-Yale Joint Agrobiotechnology Center

Tata Chemicals joins ICRISAT's sweet sorghum ethanol consortium

Third-generation of Chinese super hybrid rice
Haut rendement par mu du super-riz hybride chinois

India releases new biotechnology strategy

Developing aromatic jasmine rice that is resistant to some pests and diseases

Certified area under organic farming has reached 3.12 lakh hectares in India

Chinese scientists develop a plant-mediated RNA interference technique to control the gene expression of the cotton bollworm

ICARDA researchers develop low-cost technology to increase crop yield in magnesium-rich soil

Late blight on potato in Punjab, India

Sweet sorghum cited as source of bioethanol in The Philippines

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Rasi Seeds to cooperate on GM cassava with resistance to cassava mosaic virus

China’s cotton supply and demand: issues and impact on the world market

Decisions taken in the 80th Meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), held on october 1, 2007

DuPont supports Indonesia's rice and corn industry

New public-private hybrid rice group aims to raise rice yields in the tropics

A low-cost technology boosts farm income in Kazakhstan

October 07

Origin Agritech Limited to open new hybrid seed production facility in Southwest China

Devgen completes acquisition of seed assets from Monsanto subsidiaries in India and Monsanto Company subscribes to Devgen shares

GM crops — Asian farmers have their say

India's National Seed Corporation to market Monsanto hybrid corn seed

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Monsanto ink deal to develop GM papaya seed

Malaysia to embark on large-scale corn planting in Sulawesi island, Indonesia

China updates plant variety testing procedures

Rice-producing nations call for increased focus on production

Philippines Department of Agriculture won't impose ban on GM organisms in Negros Occidental

Legumes step into the limelight in the tropics

Indian and Australian scientists collaborate for better wheat

Bacterial leaf blight on rice in Sindh and Punjab, Pakistan

BASF Plant Science and Crop Functional Genomics Center sign R&D agreement in South Korea
BASF Plant Science und südkoreanisches Forschungszentrum starten Pflanzenbiotechnologie-Kooperation

ACM Genetics introduces new, drought-resistant corn in The Philippines

September 07

Origin Agritech Limited's affiliate Biocentury Transgene (China) Co. receives commercial approval for three varieties of its insect-resistant genetically modified ("GM") hybrid cotton seed in India

Origin Agritech Limited reports unaudited fiscal 2007 third quarter financial results

Philippines government experts to conduct greenhouse trial on Bt cotton before year end

Nine new wheat varieties released in India

Takii & Co., Ltd. acquires a 100% share in Dutch flower seed company K. SAHIN, Zaden B.V.

New rice variety from International Rice Research Institute proves to be flood-resistant in Bangladesh trials

Philippine Rice Research Institute uses DNA marker-assisted selection to develop flood-tolerant rice

India: Area under major kharif crops exceeds last year's coverage

Court halts introduction of GM rice in the Philippines

ICRISAT scientists breed crop varieties and hybrids that are more drought, pest and disease tolerant

Cornell University helps develop pest-resistant eggplant, the first genetically modified food crop in South Asia

Asian customers learn about Canada’s food grade soybean industry

Origin Agritech Limited signs letter of intent to acquire Guang Xi Fortuneland Agricultural Corporation Ltd.

Devgen to acquire rice, sunflower, sorghum and pearl millet businesses in India and other Asian countries from Monsanto

Chinese scientists develop GM corn that could help improve the nutritional value of livestock feed and reduce pollution

"Green" super rice is one goal of newly formed collaboration between University of Arizona and Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, China

Government of the Philippines intensifies R&D on several agricultural crops

Regional consultation on biotechnology and biosafety for agriculture and environment in the West Asia and North Africa sub-region

India offers large scope for growth in floriculture

Estimating the adoption of Bt eggplant in India: Who benefits from public–private partnership?

Study shows farmers, consumers go for Pinoy GM rice in the Philippines

Philippines court stops approval of Bayer's GM rice LL62

Planting seeds in Japan - Annual report

The Kyrgyzstan Seed Industry - An ICARDA report

Definition of basmati rice to be expanded

Mungbean yellow mosaic virus in pulses - Punjab, India

New insecticidal active ingredient flubendiamide granted regulatory approval in major Asian markets - Product launch strengthens Bayer CropScience’s portfolio in the region
Neuer insektizider Wirkstoff Flubendiamide in wichtigen asiatischen Märkten zugelassen Produkteinführung stärkt Portfolio von Bayer CropScience in der Region

Record cotton production and mill use in Asia projected

Apex Seeds appoints Ray Osburn as Asian Sales Manager based in Shanghai, China

August 07

India's Central Potato Research Institute releases two new potato varieties

Thrust on enhancing production of pulses in 14 major pulses producing Indian states

Large-scale trials of domestic Bt cotton stalled in India

Andhra University study: Economics of Bt cotton vs. traditional cotton varieties

JK Agrigenetics' new Bt cotton version likely by 2010

The Philippines to learn much from Indian experience with Bt cotton development

Syngenta introduces tropical sugar beet for food and biofuels
Syngenta führt neue tropische Zuckerrüben für Nahrungsmittel und Biotreibstoffe ein
Syngenta lance la betterave à sucre tropicale pour l’alimentation et les biocarburants

China establishes national soybean engineering research center

Bacterial leaf blight on rice in Punjab, India

India's Central Potato Research Institute releases two new potato varieties

Syngenta's Agrisure corn rootworm biotech trait approved in Japan

ICRISAT and partners initiate biopesticide production in villages of India and Nepal

Decisions taken at the 79th meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), held on August 8, 2007

Monsanto Philippines asks Ag Department to extend permit to propagate its Bt corn variant MON 810

India approves large scale field trials for Bt brinjal

Indian government’s hesitation to allow genetically modified cash crops other than cotton hurts the seed industry

Malaysian investor to fund massive sorghum planting in The Philippines

National Seed Center to be set up in northern Malaysia

'Seeds of Life’ program: improving food security in East Timor

Cereals production doubles in Afghanistan - Afghanis near cereals self-sufficiency

2nd International Seed Trade Conference in CWANA Region to be held in Cairo, Egypt

Shandong Zhouyuan Seed and Nursery Co. signs agreement with Qingdao Seed Distribution Company to strengthen local sales capacity

July 07

Mayores ingresos para los agricultores hindúes que siembran algodón biotecnológico - La producción de este cultivo aumenta un 50% en 2006

Shandong Zhouyuan Seed and Nursery Co. upgrades seed processing equipment and expands seed processing facilities and warehouses to increase capacity

Rice grassy stunt virus in the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam

KeyGene establishes a Joint Lab for Plant Molecular Breeding with the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

Latest developments and opportunities in the cotton industry of Tajikistan

Bayer CropScience’ Nunhems acquires Korean vegetable seed company SeedEx
Bayer CropScience-Tochter Nunhems übernimmt koreanisches  Gemüsesaatgutunternehmen SeedEx

Vilmorin initiates the process to purchase a minority stake in the Chinese company Yuanlongping High-Tech Agriculture
Vilmorin engage un processus de prise de participation minoritaire dans la société chinoise Yuanlongping High-Tech Agriculture

June 07

SL Agritech Corp. revives plan to develop hybrid rice resistant to bacterial leaf blight

The Philippines has so far approved 41 GM varieties

Andhra Pradesh government hints at GM Seed Act to control Bt cotton seed activity

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Agricultural GMO implementation measures in China (updated)

Australian and Chinese researchers join forces to improve climate adaptation strategies and pass on the subsequent benefits to growers

Syngenta agrees agriculture biotechnology research collaboration in China
Syngenta vereinbart Biotech-Forschungskooperation in China
Syngenta conclut un accord de collaboration en matière de recherche en biotechnologie agricole en Chine

Concentration of cotton in Asia continuing

Collaboration with Chinese and Indian scientists could benefit Australia's canola oilseed industry

New rice course in The Philippines attracts host of Cornell University students and is co-taught by Professor Susan McCouch

Indonesia turns to hybrid varieties for self-sufficiency in rice production

Virus disease on rice - Vietnam

Vibha Agrotech Ltd. launches its first Bt-cotton hybrid series

Looking for solutions to the rice virus problem in the Mekong Delta

May 07

Avesthagen and Groupe Limagrain announce co-acquisition of majority stake in two Indian seed companies

Transgenic potato varieties developed by the University of Wisconsin are resistant to natural infestation of the Indonesian race of Phytophthora infestans

National Seed Industry Council of the Philippines releases Tubigan 7, a new rice variety developed by marker-aided selection and resistant to bacterial leaf blight

Vibha Agrotech Ltd. signs a research agreement with Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics

Australia, China and India collaborate in canola breeding, pathology and agronomy

East West Seeds Company expands its R&D activities in The Philippines

Decisions taken in the 76th Meeting of India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) held on 11 May 2007
53 new Bt cotton hybrids commercially approved in India

Indian Supreme Court ruling on GMOs restarts seed supply

Philippines Ag Department extends seed subsidy to farmers planting hybrid rice and certified seeds

Elsevier partners with Rice Science

Deutsches Kartoffelpflanzgut auf dem Weg in die Mongolei

Syngenta to take stake in Sanbei, Chinese seeds company
Syngenta erwirbt Beteiligung an chinesischem Saatgutanbieter Sanbei
Prise de participation de Syngenta dans Sanbei, producteur chinois de semences

Indonesia develops new rice varieties to fight bacterial blight

Supreme Court of India lifts temporary ban on field trials of GM crops

Trial shipment of Western Australian seed potato to help boost market interest in Thailand

National Seed Industry Council of The Philippines releases new hybrid rice variety

USDA/FAS GAIN Report: Options for protecting plant varieties in the Peoples Republic of China

Late blight on potato - India, United Kingdom

India's biotechnology sector expected to reach US$ 5bn. mark by 2009-10

New knowledge improves rice quality, could help poor farmers boost income

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University researchers develop new high-yielding, drought resistant rice variety

Arcadia Biosciences and Chinese province agree to establish methods for carbon credit trading based on nitrogen use efficient rice - U.S./China collaboration to develop new model for lowering greenhouse gas emissions by reducing nitrogen fertilizer use

Climate change a threat to Indonesian agriculture, study says

Chinese cotton imports projected to rise in 2007/08

April 07

Indian Council of Agricultural Research identifies five new rice varieties

Vietnam tackles GM biosafety regulations

Seed regime in Indonesia

Stem-rot disease hits paddy crop in East Godavari, India

Unveiling rice's DNA under Intellectual Property Rights regime

Nepali farmers gain more from improved local rice varieties

Avesthagen advances in its salt tolerance program to develop novel rice lines

ProMED-mail: Wheat stripe rust on wheat - China

University of the Philippines Los Baños ready to market biotechnologies and improved varieties

Chinese scientists succeed in cloning a gene underlying quantitative trait locus (QTL), a region of DNA that controls grain weight and yield in rice

La India tiene una oportunidad única para ejercer su liderazgo en biotecnología, facilitando la aprobación de fibras, piensos, alimentos y combustibles MG

Assuming GM rice is approved as expected, China has potential to become world's largest market for GM crops in the not so distant future

New research agreement to boost rice production in Indonesia

BIONet Congress supports wider cultivation, marketing of ag-biotechnology products in the Philippines

March 07

Bureau of Plant Industry says questioned GMO corn passed stringent tests

ICRISAT hybrid pigeonpea to trigger pulse revolution

Bayer CropScience aims to grow in China

Encouragements and new directions from the board of the World Vegetable Center

Indian Council of Agricultural Research reconfirms higher yield of Bt cotton

Regional Training Programme on Plant Genetic Resources and Seeds: Policies, Conservation and Use to be held in Ethiopia

Iran to spearhead agricultural biotech research in the Middle East and Central Asia

New Bt cotton cultivation approval unlikely this summer in India

Embrapa e China afinam parceria

Statement by India's Agriculture Minister on genetically modified crops

DuPont plans plant biotech research center in India

New agreement helps permanently protect the world's thousands of rice varieties - the planet's most important food source

New technologies coming too fast for Indian farmers in key cotton-growing area - Farmers relying on word of mouth to choose cottonseed in place of experimental testing

Indian Agricultural Research Institute releases new wheat, chickpea varieties

Seven promising rice lines ready for release in the Philippines as commercial varieties

Four improved lentil varieties recently released in South Asia demonstrate the regions's dedications to improving this ancient crop and the productivity its research partnerships

China launches biosafety research centre

ICRISAT reintroduces pigeonpea in China

Philippine scientists eye rice variety resistant to bacterial blight

February 07

Pakistan approves GM rules to protect farmers

BASF expands innovative agricultural products to Asian growth markets
BASF erschließt Wachstumsmärkte in Asien mit innovativen Pflanzenschutzprodukten

Riset transgenik tetap dilakukan

Philippine Bureau of Plant Industry approves 3 additional stacked trait products

India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee:
- Status of pending projects as on February 5, 2007 (PDF)

The new Apple of the Eyes: high-beta carotene tomato renews Asia’s vision

ICRISAT pigeonpea spreads roots in China, finds multiple uses

Commercialization of Bt cotton expected in The Philippines in three years

Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Philippine Rice Research Institute sign memorandum of agreement to improve and boost hybrid rice seed production and commercialization

Small seed with a big footprint: Western Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Nepal

ICRISAT pigeonpea spreads roots in China, finds multiple uses

January 07

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) institutionalizes patenting functions

Viet Nam joins International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV)

Agricultural Deskilling and the Spread of Genetically Modified Cotton in the Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh, India

First GM eggplant soon to be commercially grown in the Philippines

Rice research hub for Greater Mekong subregion opens in Laos: cooperation is key in Southeast Asia’s most important rice bowl

APEC forum discusses agricultural biotechnology

Philippines approves 12th stacked trait product: Pioneer Hi-Bred's Corn DAS 59122 x Corn NK 603 for direct use as food and/or feed

Adoption of Bt cotton in Pakistan

China to invest in The Philippines: one million hectares of hybrid corn, rice and sorghum production to be used by China for ethanol production

Canada and India to collaborate on agriculture and agricultural biotechnology information exchange
Le Canada et l'Inde collaboreront à l'échange d'information en agriculture et en biotechnologie agricole

India issues new regulations to protect plant varieties and farmers' rights

Pakistan to release insect-resistant cotton variety

Seedsmen Association of Andhra Pradesh, India elects new President for the biennium 2006-08

Crops mutated in outer space

JK Agri-Genetics develops 19 new BT cotton varieties

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