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August 09

Bayer CropScience and China National Rice Research Institute sign agreements for rice research and development
Bayer CropScience und chinesisches Reisinstitut CNRRI vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit

July 09

Interim report for the second quarter of 2009: Bayer robust in a difficult environment
Zwischenbericht zum 2. Quartal 2009: Bayer robust in schwierigem Umfeld

Development of new canola seed varieties: Bayer CropScience opens canola research facility in Canada
Entwicklung neuer Raps-Saatgutsorten: Bayer CropScience eröffnet Raps-Forschungsstation in Kanada

Long-term cooperation with leading Australian research institute CSIRO: Bayer CropScience expands global R&D activities in seeds and traits by setting up new research focus area in cereals - Superior solutions for wheat farmers could be available as early as 2015
Langfristige Zusammenarbeit mit führendem australischem Forschungsinstitut CSIRO: Bayer CropScience weitet Forschung und Entwicklung auf Getreide-Saatgut als weitere Kernkultur aus Neue Lösungen für den Weizenanbau könnten bereits 2015 verfügbar sein

Bayer CropScience making changes to LibertyLink system

June 09

Bayer CropScience and Monsanto sign cross licensing agreement on herbicide tolerance traits in rapeseed/canola
Bayer CropScience und Monsanto schließen Lizenzabkommen über Austausch von Herbizid-Toleranz für Raps/Canola

Development of vegetable seed varieties for the Mediterranean Basin: Bayer CropScience unit Nunhems opens research & development station in La Palma-Cartagena/Spain
Entwicklung neuer Gemüsesorten für die Mittelmeerregion: Bayer CropScience eröffnet Forschungs- und Entwicklungseinrichtung in La Palma-Cartagena/Spanien

New choices for corn and soybean farmers worldwide: Bayer CropScience and DuPont expand collaboration with broad license agreements
Neue Optionen für Mais- und Sojabohnen-Farmer weltweit: Bayer CropScience und DuPont bauen Zusammenarbeit mit umfangreichen Lizenzabkommen aus

Preparing for postemergence herbicide applications - Laudis herbicide from Bayer CropScience manages tough weeds while ensuring crop safety

Delayed spring planting puts greater emphasis on postemergence weed control

May 09

New InVigor hybrid canola from Bayer CropScience sets highest yield bar yet

Tattoo C fungicide from Bayer CropScience now fully registered in Canada for control of downey mildew in cucurbits

New identification guide for broadleaf weeds now available to cereal and soybean growers in Ontario and Quebec

Results of fungicide Demonstration Strip Trials conducted by Bayer CropScience in the Canadian Prairie confirm fungicides protect cereals, canola yield potential

Bayer CropScience's new Stoneville cotton varieties improve on market leader

Bayer CropScience signs research agreement with Innovative Vector Control Consortium
Bayer CropScience unterzeichnet Forschungsvereinbarung mit dem britischen IVCC

Bayer CropScience to invest in Plant Health Research
Bayer CropScience investiert in Forschung für Pflanzengesundheit

New fungicidal active ingredient fluopyram strengthens product portfolio
Neuer Fungizidwirkstoff Fluopyram soll Produktportfolio stärken

Bayer CropScience to extend its plant biotechnology research in the United States
Bayer CropScience baut die Forschung für Pflanzen-Biotechnologie in den USA aus

Late-season insect control can help protect soybean yields - Bayer CropScience's Leverage 2.7 insecticide kills pests and helps plants thrive

Liberty + Distinct tank mix from Bayer CropScience registered in Eastern Canada and British Columbia

Bayer CropScience honors the 2008 class of One Ton Club cotton growers at the fourth annual FiberMax One Ton Club awards banquet

April 09

Court victory for Bayer CropScience: counterfeiters of crop protection products convicted on grounds of health risk
Bayer CropScience vor Gericht erfolgreich: Fälscher von Pflanzenschutzmitteln wegen Gesundheitsgefährdung verurteilt

Bayer interim report for the first quarter of 2009

U.S. EPA approves label updates for Laudis postemergence herbicide from Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience donates $1.1 million to United Fresh Research & Education Foundation to create the Center for Global Produce Sustainability

Strengthening rice research: Bayer CropScience and Evogene to extend collaboration for rice yield improvement
Stärkung der Reisforschung: Bayer CropScience und Evogene weiten Zusammenarbeit zur Verbesserung von Erträgen bei Reis aus

New post-harvest solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables - Bayer CropScience and Janssen PMP conclude research agreement
Neue Lösungen für den Schutz von frischem Obst und Gemüse nach der Ernte - Bayer CropScience und Janssen PMP schließen Forschungsabkommen

Bayer CropScience achieves partial success in enforcing its patent rights in a Chinese court of law
Bayer CropScience erzielt vor einem chinesischen Gericht einen Teilerfolg in einem Patentstreit

U.S. soybean growers gain three ways to receive localized aphid alerts

Bayer CropScience recommends to use data to make 2009 cotton purchase decisions: Stoneville cotton performed at top of numerous university trials

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev signs collaborative contract with Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience invests EUR 30 million in expansion of crop protection production at the Dormagen Chemical Park

Bayer CropScience announces 2009 Shared Risk Program for U.S. cotton growers

Realignment of biotech research activities: Bayer CropScience to consolidate European Plant Biotechnology Research in Ghent - Focus to lie on stress tolerance, increasing yields and optimized quality traits in plants in future
Neuordnung der Biotech-Forschungsaktivitäten: Bayer CropScience konzentriert europäische Pflanzenbiotechnologie-Forschung in Gent - Zukünftiger Fokus liegt auf Stresstoleranz, Ertragssteigerung und optimierten Qualitätsmerkmalen von Pflanzen

Bayer CropScience's LibertyLink soybeans approved for import into Korea

March 09

Kamel Beliazi, new CEO for Bayer CropScience Inc., Canada starts July 1

Company strengthens its crop protection portfolio: Bayer CropScience acquires certain AgroGreen´s biological products for the crop protection business
Unternehmen stärkt sein Pflanzenschutz-Portfolio: Bayer CropScience übernimmt biologische Produkte von AgroGreen für das Pflanzenschutz-Geschäft

Bayer Crop Science and the French research organization CNRS intensify collaboration
Bayer CropScience und die französische Forschungsorganisation CNRS intensivieren Zusammenarbeit

Trilex 6000, with Yield Shield, provides solution to soybean disease, pest control puzzle - Bayer CropScience offers extended disease and insect protection with combination treatment

Bayer CropScience receives U.S. EPA registration permitting in-furrow applications of Proline fungicide to peanuts in the 2009 season

European Food Safety Authority: Application (Reference EFSA-GMO-NL-2008-51) for the placing on the market of glyphosate tolerant genetically modified cotton GHB614, for food and feed uses, import and processing under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 from Bayer CropScience

FiberMax okra leaf cotton varieties from Bayer CropScience perform in South Texas - FM 835LLB2 and FM 840B2F provide solid yield, quality in dry region

Early blight testing tracks presence of mutation affecting strobi efficacy in many potato-growing areas of Canada

U.S. soybean growers can increase yields by limiting early-season competition - Bayer CropScience's Ignite herbicide on LibertyLink soybeans protects fields from more than 120 yield-robbing weeds

Texas High Plains grower harvests one ton cotton despite early season weather woes - FiberMax 9180B2F and FiberMax 9063B2F from Bayer CropScience yield big with best management practices

Seven of eight National Champions of the 2008  U.S. NCGA National Corn Yield Contest know the secret to success: Poncho from Bayer CropScience

Another independent yield measure by the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation puts InVigor hybrid canola on top

February 09

Bayer CropScience submits extensive data on use of clothianidin for treatment of maize seed

Bayer CropScience and Nature Source Genetics announce collaboration for cotton enhancement - Partnership expected to bring essential improvements in cotton breeding and variety development
Bayer CropScience und Nature Source Genetics arbeiten künftig gemeinsam an der Verbesserung von Baumwolle - Partnerschaft verspricht deutliche Fortschritte in den Bereichen Baumwollzüchtung und Sortenentwicklung

Seven of eight first-place winners of the NCGA National Corn Yield Contest know the secret to success: Bayer CropScience's Poncho seed-applied insecticides

Rice - food for the world

Bayer CropScience showcases new innovations in crop protection at the 2009 Commodity Classic

LibertyLink soybeans provide top yields with top-of-the-line protection - Bayer CropScience offers Trilex 6000 seed treatment on all LibertyLink soybeans for 2009 growing season

Bayer CropScience U.S. announces 2009 cotton varieties - Only the best experimental varieties become FiberMax and Stoneville cotton

Bayer CropScience signs research agreement with the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research
Bayer CropScience schließt Forschungsvereinbarung mit Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung

January 09

Bayer CropScience presents new herbicidal active ingredient indaziflam - Launch of innovative weed-control product scheduled for 2011
Bayer CropScience stellt neuen Herbizid-Wirkstoff Indaziflam vor - Markteinführung für innovatives Produkt zur Unkrautbekämpfung im Jahr 2011 geplant

US$1 million endowment from Bayer CropScience establishes Chair of Sustainable Development at North Carolina State University

Corvus herbicide from Bayer CropScience delivers a one-pass solution for U.S. corn growers’ weed-control challenges

Ducks Unlimited Canada and Bayer CropScience team up to increase winter wheat in North America - Project aims to benefit wildlife habitat and take action on sustainable agriculture

Bayer CropScience adds CSI Safener 500FS to its line of sorghum seed treatments

Balance Flexx corn herbicide from Bayer CropScience knocks out tough weeds with the power of Recharge - New herbicide provides broad-spectrum control, application flexibility and crop safety

December 08

Bayer CropScience hosts 40 industry leaders to discuss sustainable agriculture

Bayer CropScience unveils 2009 Growing Strong Rewards Program - Participating U.S. growers can redeem rewards for cash or merchandise

FiberMax calls for One Ton Club entries - Bayer CropScience will honor the 2008 class of growers

Milestone in the expansion of Bayer’s global trait activities: Bayer CropScience launches herbicide-tolerance technology for soybeans in the United States in 2009
Meilenstein im Ausbau der weltweiten Trait-Aktivitäten: Bayer CropScience: Markteinführung der Herbizidtoleranz-Technologie in Sojabohnen in den USA in 2009

Bayer CropScience launches new LibertyLink soybeans for 2009

InVigor canola hybrids from Bayer CropScience take top spots in Prairie Canola Variety Trials for the 6th consecutive year

Evogene and Bayer CropScience to evaluate additional genes for rice yield improvement

November 08

Bayer CropScience offers Poncho 500 rebate to U.S. growers

Demonstration strip trials confirm Bayer CropScience InVigor  canola hybrids yield advantage of 5 to 6 bu/ac over Roundup Ready hybrids

Bayer CropScience successful in preventing counterfeiting in China
Bayer CropScience erfolgreich im Kampf gegen chinesische Produktfälschung

Bayer CropScience CEO opens new rice development center in Thailand
Bayer CropScience-Vorstandschef eröffnet neues Reis-Entwicklungszentrum in Thailand

"Baylab plants" lab for schools opened in Monheim: Bayer CropScience encourages students’ interest in science and new technologies
Eröffnung des Bayer CropScience Schülerlabors "Baylab plants" in Monheim: Schüler für Naturwissenschaften und neue Technologien begeistern

Bayer CropScience and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences sign memorandum of understanding, initiate joint projects in seeds and traits business development
Bayer CropScience und die Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences unterzeichnen Vereinbarung Strategische Partnerschaft zum Ausbau des Saatgut- und Traitsgeschäfts

Bayer CropScience plans to invest EUR 15 million in Nunhems’ Parma site in the U.S.
Bayer CropScience investiert 15 Millionen Euro am Nunhems-Standort Parma in den USA

October 08

European Commission authorises the use of Bayer CropScience's GM LLCotton25 in food and feed
Bruselas aprueba la venta de una nueva variedad de algodón transgénico

Stoneville cotton varieties start strong, yield strong - Early season seedling vigor maximizes yields and profits

Australian OGTR: DIR 087 - Limited and controlled release of cotton genetically modified for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance

September 08

“We need a second green revolution” - Safeguarding food for a growing world population

Manage resistant weeds effectively with fall control measures

Bayer broadens its manufacturing basis for biopharmaceuticals in tobacco plants

"Successful Practice" Award geht an Bayer CropScience
"Successful Practice Award" goes to Bayer CropScience

What we need is nothing less than a second green revolution, sagt member of the Board of Management of Bayer CropScience
Wir brauchen nichts weniger als eine zweite grüne Revolution, sagt Mitglied des Vorstands der Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience extends commitment to Linguamatics text mining platform for agrochemical research

Bayer CropScience and Plant Health Care sign harpin gene licence agreement - New technology with growth and quality effects for use in Brassica oilseeds

U.S. growers and retailers “Race to Innovation” with Bayer CropScience - Event at Iowa Speedway highlights robust product pipeline

Bayer CropScience promotes Rod Merryweather to North American Oilseeds Business Operations Manager

Setting the course after a very successful first half of 2008
Weichenstellung nach sehr erfolgreichem 1. Halbjahr 2008

Belt SC insecticide (flubendiamide) from Bayer CropScience receives U.S. federal registration

August 08

Thiencarbazone-methyl registered in first market - New Bayer CropScience active ingredient approved in Romania: Thiencarbazone-methyl registered in first market Annual sales potential of more than EUR 100 million for new corn herbicide
Thiencarbazone-Methyl weltweit erstmals zugelassen - Neuer Bayer CropScience-Wirkstoff erhält Registrierung in Rumänien: Thiencarbazone-Methyl weltweit erstmals zugelassen Umsatzpotenzial von mehr als 100 Millionen Euro für neuen Mais-Herbizidwirkstoff

RFD-TV goes live at the Farm Progress Show: noon television shows feature Bayer CropScience's new LibertyLink soybeans and new corn herbicide technology for US growers’ use in 2009

Belt SC insecticide from Bayer CropScience receives U.S. federal registration

Bayer CropScience licenses Ariadne Pathway Studio with ResNet Plant database

July 08

New corn herbicide safener in development: Bayer CropScience plans to introduce unique safening chemistry with two new corn herbicides

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Bayer Group discuss cooperation strategy on crop research

European corn production at risk from the “billion dollar beetle” - Spread of the Western corn rootworm has significant consequences for agriculture

Bayer CropScience introduces new Rely 200 herbicide for potatoes in the U.S.

Bayer CropScience's Movento insecticide receives U.S. federal registration - Product with unique ‘2-way systemic’ activity available in wide range of crops
- Movento insecticide receives California Department of Pesticide Regulation registration

Bayer CropScience adds new option to the Poncho family of products

Proteome Systems grants exclusive license to Bayer CropScience for the use of PXL’s DiagnostIQ test device for innovative applications in two agricultural fields

Bayer CropScience launches new patented fingerprint authentification technique: Qualidate to combat illegal trade and counterfeiting
Bayer CropScience führt neue patentierte Technik zur Echtheitsprüfung ein: Mit Qualidate illegalen Handel und Fälschungen bekämpfen

Innovative active ingredient provides reliable weed protection for corn: Tembotrione from Bayer CropScience approved in Brazil - Launch of Soberan planned for 2008
Innovativer Wirkstoff schützt Mais sicher vor Unkräutern: Tembotrione von Bayer CropScience erhält Zulassung in Brasilien - Markteinführung von Soberan noch in 2008 geplant

Bayer CropScience strengthens global position in insecticides market: insecticide Movento approved in United States and Canada - Launch planned for 2008
Bayer CropScience stärkt weltweite Position im Insektizidmarkt: Insektizid Movento® in USA und Kanada zugelassen - Markt-Einführung für 2008 geplant

June 08

Bayer will use tobacco plants to produce medicines

U.S. Federal Register: Bayer CropScience - Availability of petition and draft environmental assessment for determination of nonregulated status for cotton genetically engineered for glyphosate herbicide tolerance

Inauguration of Bayer ’s pilot facility for the “production of medicinal products in tobacco plants”
Bayer-Pilotanlage zur „Herstellung von Medikamenten in Tabakpflanzen“

Bayer CropScience opens rice research laboratory in Singapore
Bayer CropScience eröffnet Reis-Forschungslabor in Singapur

Belgium: Conventionele koolzaadproef gecontamineerd door niet-toegelaten GGO’s
Essai de colza conventionnel contaminé par des OGM non autorisés

May 08

Further registration for the fungicidal substance Fluopicolide in Europe: Bayer CropScience´s Infinito receives registration in Belgium
Weitere Zulassung für fungiziden Wirkstoff Fluopicolide in Europa: Infinito von Bayer CropScience in Belgien zugelassen

New Laudis postemergence corn herbicide from Bayer CropScience eliminates broadleaf weeds and grasses with residual to canopy - U.S. corn growers get superior weed control with unmatched crop safety

Bayer CropScience's Folicur protects against harvest losses caused by Ug99
Mit Folicur Ernteverluste durch Ug99 verhindern

First hybrid rice variety worldwide resistant to bacterial leaf blight: Bayer CropScience launches new high-yielding rice variety in India
Weltweit erster gegen Bakterienbrand resistenter Hybridreis: Bayer CropScience führt neue Hochertrags-Reissorte in Indien ein

Bayer CropScience honors top-class U.S. cotton growers at third annual FiberMax One Ton Club awards banquet

Bayer CropScience “Pair Up Program” offer continues for U.S. growers

Bayer CropScience announces exclusive U.S. partners for the 2008 Certified FiberMax Cotton program

Bayer CropScience introduces Proline fungicide for soybeans in the U.S. - Proline provides improved control of Asian soybean rust, powdery mildew

Bayer CropScience introduces íts global food chain partnership concept in the USA in the USA - Greenfield Alliance with the Western Growers Association serves as example

April 08

Bayer CropScience U.S. introduces Trilex, seed-applied fungicide for soybeans that protects against stand-reducing diseases

As weed resistance increases, cotton growers look for new control methods - FiberMax LibertyLink cotton seed varieties keep yield and profit potential high

Bayer CropScience's Cotton Agronomic Performance (CAP) trials add value for U.S. cotton growers, give growers added chance to evaluate local variety performance data

Bayer CropScience to enforce its Mefenpyr patent
Bayer CropScience will Mefenpyr-Patent durchsetzen

Bayer CropScience at the 3rd Late blight Conference in Beijing, China - Phytophthora infestans: A pathogen on the move - Company developed new control strategies for potato growers

Leverage 2.7 insecticide from Bayer CropScience receives U.S. EPA registration for soybeans and cotton

Weed management preserves corn yield potential - U.S. growers boost their potential return-on-investment with a two-pass program from Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience supports British Fresh Produce Consortium: Eat in Colour - The tasty route to healthy nutrition Program to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables
Bayer CropScience unterstützt Fresh Produce Consortium in Großbritannien: "Eat in Colour" - der schmackhafte Weg zu gesunder Ernährung Initiative für einen höheren Obst- und Gemüseverzehr

Bayer CropScience and Monsanto enter agreement for new fungicide seed treatment option for corn farmers

Reason 500 SC fungicide from Bayer CropScience gets reduced plant-back for 2008 season in the U.S.

March 08

Bayer CropScience signs letter of intent regarding cooperation in hybrid rice with Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture

Trilex 6000 soybean system from Bayer CropScience helps growers simplify effort, maximize yield

Refuge acres a ‘must’ to protect Bt traits in corn - Additional insect protection available from Aztec

Innovative active ingredient protects against fungal diseases: Fluopicolide from Bayer CropScience receives registrations in Japan and the United States - Launch of Reliable, Stellar and Presidio planned for 2008
Innovativer Wirkstoff schützt vor pilzlichen Krankheiten: Fluopicolide von Bayer CropScience erhält Zulassung in Japan und in den USA - Markteinführung von Reliable, Stellar und Presidio in 2008 geplant

February 08

Back-to-back NCGA National Corn Yield Contest champions with one common bond: Bayer CropScience's Poncho

Mendel Biotechnology announces new research partnership with Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience focuses on ‘Helping You Grow’ initiative during 2008 Commodity Classic

Bayer CropScience’s new food chain partnership project in Brazil
Neues food chain partnership-Projekt von Bayer CropScience in Brasilien

Intense - A Tomato, that does not lose its juice
Intense - Die Tomate, die den Fruchtsaft nicht verliert

Bayer CropScience at Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin - Successful partnerships all round: from producer to consumer, company presents international food chain partnership projects
Bayer CropScience auf der Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin - Erfolgreiche Partnerschaften für alle: vom Erzeuger bis zum Verbraucher Unternehmen stellt internationale Food Chain Partnership-Projekte vor

January 07

Simple, effective cotton plant management now more affordable - Stance plant growth regulator from Bayer CropScience is a better value this season

Bayer CropScience announces partnership with AgVenture on Liberty Greenback Offer

2007 data show differences in early season cotton insecticides - Bayer CropScience's Temik provides proven performance on spider mites, lygus, nematodes and other early season pests

2008 Stoneville variety lineup shows strength and versatility - A wide range of cottonseed offerings promises rapid stand establishment and high yield potential

Bayer CropScience at Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin: Fruits and vegetables with more intensive flavors - Company presents Flavour Guarantee project from Brazil
Bayer CropScience auf der Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin: Obst und Gemüse mit intensiverem Geschmack -  Unternehmen stellt "Flavour Guarantee"-Projekt aus Brasilien vor

Research examines ways to optimize cotton stands

With harvest complete, South Texas cotton growers prepare for 2008 - Newest FiberMax cotton seed varieties keep profit potential high

Select Seed Hybrids announces partnership with Bayer CropScience on Liberty Greenback offer

Texas A&M University's Robert Lemon honored as 2007 Extension Cotton Specialist of the Year

Bayer CropScience announces 2008 shared risk program for U.S. cotton growers

‘Bayer Season’ builds foundation for improved cotton profitability - Company offers unmatched products, people and innovations through day 40 and beyond

Archer Daniels Midland Company, Bayer CropScience and Daimler to cooperate in Jatropha biodiesel project

Texas research looks at new way to protect cotton against thrips - Aeris insecticide/nematicide seed treatment from Bayer CropScience delivered a consistent, broad spectrum of protection in 2007

December 07

Innovative solutions for pre and postemergence weed control in corn - Bayer CropScience to launch new herbicidal mixtures in the United States in 2009

Bayer CropScience’s vegetable seed business Nunhems acquires US lettuce seed company Paragon Seed
Bayer CropScience-Tochter Nunhems erwirbt das US-Saatgutunternehmen Paragon Seed

Stine Seed Company and Bayer CropScience partner to introduce LibertyLink soybeans - Companies expect varieties to be available for U.S. growers’ use in 2009

Soygenetics and Bayer CropScience partner to develop and introduce LibertyLink soybeans - U.S. soybean growers can anticipate growing the first varieties in 2009

Bayer CropScience and Euralis Semences form alliance to develop new winter oilseedrape products for the European market
Bayer CropScience und Euralis Semences kooperieren in der Entwicklung neuer Winterrapssorten für Europa

U.S. Mid-South cotton gets a seed-applied boost - New Aeris insecticide/nematicide seed treatment from Bayer CropScience delivered a consistent, broad spectrum of protection in 2007

Laudis herbicide receives U.S. EPA registration for use in all corn crops

Poncho plays vital role in pre-season plans for 2008 corn crops - Market leader is the reliable choice to protect seed corn from extreme insect pressure

November 07

European Food Safety Authority: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms on an application (reference EFSA-GMO-UK-2004-04) for the placing on the market of glufosinate tolerant genetically modified rice LLRICE62 for food and feed uses, import and processing, under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 from Bayer CropScience GmbH

Bayer CropScience, Mertec and M.S. Technologies to co-develop new soybean trait products
Bayer CropScience, Mertec und M.S. Technologies wollen gemeinsam Sojabohnen mit neuen Eigenschaften entwickeln

Bayer CropScience LP, the U.S. business of Bayer CropScience AG, announces new BioScience leadership team

Integrated measures for increasing climate protection and dealing with climate change: Bayer launches Group-wide climate program
- Responding to climate change with stress-tolerant plants and higher yields - Innovation is the key to protecting crops and safeguarding harvests

Biotechnology optimizes yield in agriculture - Green “fitness program” for safe harvests - Scientists optimize photosynthesis in crops
Biotechnologie erhöht den Ertrag in der Landwirtschaft - Grünes „Fitnessprogramm“ für sichere Ernten - Forscher optimieren Photosynthese bei Nutzpflanzen

Plant Research International and Bayer BioScience start a research collaboration to improve plant glycosylation
Plant Research International B.V. en Bayer BioScience N.V. hebben een samenwerkingsovereenkomst gesloten op het gebied van glycosylering van eiwitten in planten

New Bayer CropScience insecticide spirotetramat granted first regulatory approval
Neues Bayer CropScience Insektizid Spirotetramat weltweit erstmals zugelassen

Bayer expects a record year in 2007

Cellectis launches new program with Bayer Cropscience for uses of meganuclease technology in crops

October 07

Bo-Jac Seed Company partners with Bayer CropScience on Liberty greenback offer

Cottonseed brands from Bayer CropScience account for largest share of U.S. acres

Bayer CropScience comments on USDA report on biotech rice

Bayer CropScience’s vegetable seed business Nunhems acquires Teboza’s asparagus breeding program
Bayer CropScience-Tochter Nunhems erwirbt Spargelzuchtprogramm von Teboza

Bayer CropScience and Geosys conclude longer-term agreement to develop innovative information systems
Bayer CropScience und Geosys unterzeichnen mehrjähriges Abkommen zur Entwicklung innovativer Informationssysteme

USA: Bayer CropScience names Jeff Springsteen marketing manager for corn herbicide products

September 07

Joerg Ellmanns to head up Bayer CropScience Australia

Bayer CropScience protects cotton defoliant patents

LibertyLink soybeans achieve a key milestone in EU approval process

Beck’s Hybrids partners with Bayer CropScience on Liberty greenback offer

Bayer CropScience adds third license to Senesco Technologies' gene technology

Bayer CropScience is key partner in new research projects to fight malaria
Bayer CropScience ist wichtiger Partner bei neuen Forschungsprojekten im Kampf gegen Malaria

Bayer CropScience opens first agricultural technology center in Argentina

Bayer CropScience CEO Professor Friedrich Berschauer: “Innovation and new technologies will help us to meet the growing demand for food and energy-producing plants”
Bayer CropScience-Vorstandsvorsitzender Professor Dr. Friedrich Berschauer: „Mit Innovation und neuen Technologien wollen wir der steigenden Nachfrage nach Nahrungsmitteln und Energiepflanzen begegnen“

New insecticidal active ingredient flubendiamide granted regulatory approval in major Asian markets - Product launch strengthens Bayer CropScience’s portfolio in the region
Neuer insektizider Wirkstoff Flubendiamide in wichtigen asiatischen Märkten zugelassen Produkteinführung stärkt Portfolio von Bayer CropScience in der Region

August 07

Bayer's commitment in Brazil attracts great interest

CelPril completes integration into Bayer CropScience

July 07

Novel herbicidal active ingredient pyrasulfotole granted first regulatory approval - Bayer CropScience to launch new cereal herbicide Huskie in the United States in 2008
Neuartiger herbizid-wirkstoff pyrasulfotole erstmals zugelassen - Bayer CropScience will neues Getreideherbizid Huskie ab 2008 in den USA vermarkten

Bayer CropScience granted new license to Senesco Technologies' gene technology for cotton

Bayer CropScience’ Nunhems acquires Korean vegetable seed company SeedEx
Bayer CropScience-Tochter Nunhems übernimmt koreanisches  Gemüsesaatgutunternehmen SeedEx

Canada: Bayer CropScience launches new InVigor Health hybrid canola in alliance with Cargill
Bayer CropScience führt zusammen mit Cargill neue 'InVigor Health' Rapslinie ein

U.S. cotton growers stick with insect control standard despite seed treatment options - At-plant insecticides provide better control of many early season pests

U.S. cotton growers want to finish the season with affordable, reliable harvest aid programs - Bayer CropScience's Finish 6 Pro adds value to harvest aid tankmix

Bayer CropScience receives updated U.S., EPA label for Oberon 2 SC miticide/insecticide on oats - Increased crop rotation flexibility improves application options

June 07

Bayer CropScience and Monsanto enter long-term business and license agreements for key enabling technologies
Bayer CropScience und Monsanto vereinbaren langfristige Geschäfts- und Lizenzvereinbarungen für Schlüsseltechnologien

Bayer CropScience completes acquisition of Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Company
Bayer CropScience schließt Akquisition des US-Baumwollsaat-Herstellers Stoneville ab

Bayer CropScience and Evogene to collaborate on crop yield improvement

Infinito Kartoffelfungizide von Bayer CropScience erhält beste Gesamtbewertung beim EuroBlight Workshop
Bayer CropScience's potato fungicide Infinito receives best combined rating at the EuroBlight workshop

May 07

Bayer CropScience agrees to acquire US cotton seed company Stoneville for US$ 310 million
Bayer CropScience will US-Baumwollsaatgut-Hersteller Stoneville für 310 Millionen US-Dollar übernehmen

Cotton losses from nematodes at all-time high in the U.S. - Growers have several timing options to optimize control

Cellectis reaches key milestone in collaboration with Bayer CropScience on uses of meganuclease technology in plants

Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan dismisses class action certification application brought forward by Saskatchewan Organic Directorate

Canadian Food Inspection Agency:
Notice of submission for approval of novel food and livestock feed use that includes an environmental safety assessment of cotton genetically modified for herbicide tolerance from Bayer CropScience Inc.
Avis de demande d’approbation, qui est appuyée par une évaluation de sûreté environnementale, relativement à un aliment nouveau pour animaux et humains consistant en un coton modifié génétiquement afin de le rendre résistant à un herbicide de Bayer CropScience Inc.

April 07

Bayer CropScience's Stratego fungicide receives Section 3 label in soybeans in the United States - New fungicide dual chemistry protects soybean health and yield potential

Infinito, Trivia and Profiler: strong brands for fluopicolide, the new fungicidal active ingredient from Bayer CropScience
Infinito, Trivia und Profiler: Starke Marken für Fluopicolide, den neuen Fungizid-Wirkstoff von Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience co-hosts 2007 Insect Film Festival at Fresno State University

Infinito, Trivia and Profiler: strong brands for fluopicolide, the new fungicidal active ingredient from Bayer CropScience
Infinito, Trivia und Profiler: starke Marken für Fluopicolide, den neuen Fungizid-Wirkstoff von Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience's Stance plant growth regulator delivers on plant management promise - First year U.S. data shows cotton plant regulation and fiber quality boost

March 07

Challenges and opportunities for crop protection of the future - Bayer CropScience Fungicide Symposium promotes dialog between science, industry and agriculture

Provost fungicide from Bayer CropScience gives most complete peanut protection - Broadest spectrum of disease control leads to consistently higher yields

Bayer CropScience aims to grow in China

U.S. Department of Agriculture identifies safe protein in Clearfield 131 rice seed

Trimax Pro insecticide now registered for use in California cotton fields - Growers have a new option for control of aphids and lygus

Bayer CropScience announces 2007 Shared Risk Programs for FiberMax and AFD cotton seed varieties for West Texas, New Mexico, Okalahoma and Kansas

February 07

Chris Hopkins joins Bayer CropScience FiberMax cotton seed team as U.S. Southeast agronomist

Bayer CropScience’s new food chain partnership project in Africa Green World: Working with Kenyan traders and small-holders to produce safe and healthy food Corn and vegetables for farmers’ own use and for the European export market

Nunhems, Bayer CropScience ’s vegetable seed business, signs agreement with Unilever to co-develop new tomato varieties for taste, nutrition and health
Bayer CropScience’ Gemüsesaatgutgeschäft Nunhems und Unilever kooperieren bei der Entwicklung neuer Tomatensorten

January 07

Bayer CropScience's AERIS seed-applied system takes cotton seed treatment segment to new heights

Bayer CropScience launches potato fungicide Infinito in Poland, Germany and Austria
Bayer CropScience startet Markteinführung von Infinito in Polen, Deutschland und Österreich

Bayer CropScience's corn herbicide Laudis launched in Austria for the spring season 2007

Bayer CropScience's Stance plant regulator now registered for use in California cotton fields

U.S. Federal Register: Experimental use permit - Receipt of application 264-EUP-140 from Bayer CropScience LP requesting an experimental use permit for the Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab protein and the genetic material necessary for its production in Events T303-3 and T304-40 cotton plants

Autumn herbicide now available to U.S. growers for superior burndown control in corn

Bayer CropScience unveils 2007 Growing Strong Rewards Program - Participating U.S. corn growers can treat up to 6.5 percent of their acres for free

Bayer CropScience at Fruit Logistica 2007 in Berlin: sharing success through the food chain partnership, company presents "Green World" project from Kenya

December 06

Bayer CropScience starts to market Arize hybrid rice seeds in Indonesia

Two acquisitions advance Bayer CropScience U.S. cotton platform: assets of California Planting Cotton Seed Distributors (CPCSD) and Reliance Genetics strengthen growing cotton seed portfolio
Bayer CropScience stärkt Baumwollgeschäft in den USA durch zwei Akquisitionen: Kauf der Assets von CPCSD und Reliance Genetics stärkt Basis des Wachstumsgeschäftes mit Baumwollsaatgut

FiberMax gives cotton growers in the Southwestern U.S. a new round of high quality, high yielding varieties

New FiberMax varieties equip Southeastern U.S. cotton growers with high fiber quality, yield potential

New FiberMax varieties equip growers in the U.S. Mid-South with high fiber quality, yield potential

November 06

TRILEX Advanced gives U.S. cotton growers new choice in seedling disease protection

Bayer nega que milho resistente a agrotóxico cause danos à saúde

Bayer CropScience and Cheminova sign a multi-year distribution agreement for DFF ® (diflufenican) mixtures in Europe
Bayer CropScience und Cheminova unterzeichnen ein mehrjähriges Lieferabkommen für DFF® (Diflufenican) in Europa

Bayer CropScience announces AERIS seed-applied system for 2007 cotton season - U.S. Producers have new option for early season insect/nematode protection

Bayer CropScience licenses rights to Senesco Technologies' gene technology

October 06

Bayer CropScience presents new research approaches in the field of plant health

Bayer CropScience releases bacterial leaf blight resistant hybrid rice in the Philippines

Bayer CropScience at the "Perspective on Innovation 2006"

Bayer CropScience opens new canola seed processing facility in Canada

Bayer CropScience's FiberMax cotton seed increases 2006 acreage share

September 06

Bayer CropScience launches the first hybrid rice seeds in Vietnam

Icon Genetics and Bayer CropScience publish milestone paper about the production of antibodies in plants

Bayer CropScience CEO: "We want to more intensively exploit the opportunities for growth in the areas of innovation, new technologies and seeds
Bayer CropScience-Vorstandsvorsitzender: "Wir wollen Wachstumschancen in den Bereichen Innovation, neue Technologien und Saatgut verstärkt nutzen"

Bayer CropScience and its FiberMax cotton seed brand are committed to development and growth

DuPont and Bayer CropScience to expand corn market offerings: DuPont to access Bayer chemistry; Bayer to participate in Pioneer TruChoice program

Bayer CropScience introduces innovative chemistry to protect potato crops

August 06

Liberty Link 601 found in LSU AgCenter foundation seed rice

Bayer CropScience plans to acquire assets of California cotton company CPCSD

Bayer CropScience to divest a limited number of crop protection products to United Phosphorus Limited

Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll announces six state class action filed against Bayer CropScience over rice contamination

Emerson Poynter LLP files class action complaint on behalf of U.S. rice growers

Strong second quarter 26006: continuing success for Bayer both strategically and operationally

Statement by U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns regarding genetically engineered rice

Bayer CropScience comments on the identification of traces of biotechnology rice in U.S. rice samples

Third annual Certified FiberMax Cotton Quality Summit helps unite industry commitment, demand

Bayer CropScience's Indian affiliate Proagro conducts training for cotton seed farmers to enhance productivity

Innovative active ingredients to control fungal infections in cereals: prothioconazole and fluoxastrobin receive marketing authorization in the important French market
Innovative Wirkstoffe gegen pilzliche Krankheiten im Getreide: Prothioconazole und Fluoxastrobin erhalten Zulassung für den wichtigen französischen Markt

July 06

Bayer CropScience targets new markets in hybrid rice seeds with Arize

Bayer CropScience and Nufarm sign multi-year supply agreement for DFF ® (diflufenican), herbicidal active ingredient for effective weed control in cereals
Bayer CropScience und Nufarm unterzeichnen ein mehrjähriges Lieferabkommen für DFF® (Diflufenican), herbizider Wirkstoff zur effektiven Unkrautbekämpfung bei Getreide

Green Field Alliance yields results for members of the Western Growers Association

Bayer CropScience gets “wired” in western horticulture

June 06

Bayer CropScience and Magellan BioScience Group establish agrochemical discovery collaboration

Cellectis and Bayer CropScience enter into a collaboration to use meganuclease technology in plants

U.S. EPA approves higher label rate for Bayer CropScience's TRIMAX PRO insecticide

Bayer CropScience acquires rights to FMC Corporation´s insecticides discovery pipeline
Bayer CropScience erwirbt Rechte an Insektizid-Forschungspipeline der FMC Corporation

Bayer CropScience to introduce two new hybrid rice varieties in the Philippines

Bayer Innovation announces licensing agreement with greenovation Biotech
Bayer Innovation und greenovation Biotech schließen Lizenzvereinbarung

May 06

Use of modern agricultural technologies is essential to avert the impending consequences of overpopulation
Nutzung moderner landwirtschaftlicher Technologien unabdingbar, um die drohenden Folgen der Überbevölkerung abzuwenden

Bayer CropScience introduces TRILEX AL seed-applied fungicide for soybeans in the U.S.

April 06

American Vanguard Corporation enters into exclusive multi-year agreement with Bayer CropScience to distribute Bayleton fungicide

March 06

Bayer CropScience divests its U.S. on-farm seed treatment business

Bayer honors its outstanding research scientists
Bayer zeichnet herausragende Forscher des Konzerns aus

U.S. growers using PONCHO seed-applied insecticide turn in impressive NCGA Yield Contest performances

2005 a very successful year for Bayer
2005 war ein sehr erfolgreiches Jahr für Bayer

February 06

New technologies to shape cotton seed-applied vision: Bayer CropScience anticipates several product launches in near future

Deliberate release into the E.U. environment of GMOs for any other purposes than placing on the market:
- Field trials with glyphosate herbicide tolerant cotton transformation event GHB614
- Field trials with glyphosate herbicide tolerant cotton (transformación event GHB623)x
- Field trials with insect resistance and glufosinate ammonium herbicide tolerant cotton transformation event T303-3
- Field trials with insect resistance and glufosinate ammonium herbicide tolerant cotton transformation event T304-40
- Field trials with insect resistance and glufosinate ammonium herbicide tolerant cotton transformation event GHB714
- Field trials with insect resistance and glufosinate ammonium herbicide tolerant cotton transformation event GHB119
- Field trials with herbicide tolerant cotton, for production of reference material

New formulation technology from Bayer CropScience "O-TEQ" - Innovation for enhanced plant protection systemic insecticide with faster, more reliable and longer-lasting action

Bayer CropScience: New corporate structure to safeguard future competitiveness
Neue Unternehmensstruktur zur Sicherung der zukünftigen Wettbewerbsfähigkeit
Bayer CropScience adopte une nouvelle structure garantissant la compétitivité future de l’entreprise

Clothianidin, one of Bayer CropScience’s most promising active ingredients for insecticidal seed treatment, included in EU positive list
Clothianidin, einer der aussichtsreichsten Wirkstoffe von Bayer CropScience im Bereich der Saatgutbehandlung, in EU-Positivliste aufgenommen

Bayer CropScience announces new formulation in BAYTHROID XL insecticide in the U.S.

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery and and Bayer CropScience announce collaboration on molecular field technology

Successful start to new model for the production of high-quality, safe food: Bayer CropScience backs "food chain partnership"

January 06

Bayer CropScience at Fruit Logistica 2006 in Berlin

Bayer acquires Icon Genetics AG
Bayer übernimmt Icon Genetics AG

December 05

International Bayer CropScience Fungicide Symposium held in Lyon
Internationales Fungizidsymposium von Bayer CropScience in Lyon

Novel Bayer CropScience fungicide fluopicolide gains first registrations in the UK - New option for the control of downy mildew and late blight

October 05

Plant biotechnology to improve the quality of cotton

Bayer CropScience starts marketing new formulation technology ODesi® with superior biological performance

Bayer CropScience plans to accelerate introduction of new products in Japan

Bayer CropScience launches New Zealand website

September 05

Bayer CropScience:
- Sales of new products should rise to € 2 billion - Company counting on its first-class product pipeline
- Umsatz mit neuen Wirkstoffen soll auf 2 Milliarden Euro steigen - Unternehmen setzt auf erstklassige Produktpipeline
De nouvelles substances actives offrent la perspective d’un chiffre d’affaires de 2 milliards d’euros - L’entreprise mise sur un pipeline de produits de toute première qualité

August 05

Bayer Group: Dynamic sales and earnings growth continues in the second quarter

July 05

Bayer CropScience invests in seed processing plant in Canada

Dormagen – the largest production site worldwide for Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience offers novel solutions for the farmers in the new EU member states

June 05

Bayer CropScience’s vegetable seed business now completely under the name of Nunhems

Australian Gene Technology Regulator approves limited and controlled release of GM, hybrid, herbicide tolerant Indian mustard

Bayer CropScience and Sumitomo Chemical to jointly develop new rice fungicide

May 05

Nidera has acquired 100% of the corn and soybean seed programs of Bayer Seeds in Brazil

Bayer CropScience announces U.S. registration of Oberon, miticide/insecticide that helps manage insects and resistance in cotton, corn, strawberries and vegetable crops

Bayer unit to focus on production of hybrid field and vegetable seeds

Bayer CropScience starts marketing new fungicide Nativo

Bayer CropScience plans further profitable growth

Bayer Cropscience comples construction of hi-tech seed conditioning plant in The Philippines

Results from Brazil’s 2004-5 growing season again prove that FOLICUR fungicide is best choice for Asian soybean rust control

April 05

Large Scale Biology Corporation and Bayer CropScience announce research and development agreement

Arysta LifeScience and Bayer CropScience continue successful cooperation

Bayer CropScience and Makhteshim Agan sign multi-year non-exclusive supply agreement for Imidacloprid
Bayer CropScience und Makhteshim Agan Industries schließen mehrjährigen nicht-exklusiven Liefervertrag für Imidacloprid

Bayer CropScience announces supply agreement for Imidacloprid with Cheminova
Bayer CropScience kündigt Liefervertrag mit Cheminova für Imidacloprid an

March 05

BASF obtains access to tebuconazole from Bayer for co-pack with Headline fungicide

February 05

Bayer CropScience moves Eastern Canada regional office to Guelph

Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc. announces tebuconazole agreement with Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience acquires the assets of Associated Farmers Delinting
Bayer CropScience erwirbt die Assets von Associated Farmers Delinting

Bayer CropScience, Max Planck Society, Monsanto Company resolve agrobacterium patent dispute
Bayer CropScience, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft und Monsanto beenden Patentauseinandersetzung über Agrobacterium

Bayer Crop Science intends to further expand its market leadership position in Latin America

Medicago announces research collaboration with Bayer CropScience

January 05

Icon Genetics announces strategic research alliance with Bayer CropScience

Cargill, Bayer CropScience form alliance to provide market with specialty canola oil

Pannar acquires Pau Seeds, Inc. from Bayer CropScience

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grants approval for use of Bayer CropScience’s Stratego fungicide to control Asian soybean rust

December 04

OSPREY herbicide now registered in California

November 05

Bayer CropScience intends to further reinforce its leadership position in the Asia Pacific crop protection market

October 04

American Vanguard Corporation enters into an exclusive agreement with Bayer CropScience to distribute soybean pestice in SmartBox system

Bayer CropScience confirms profitability targets

September 04

Bayer CropScience names Bernd Naaf as Head of the Asia Pacific Region

German companies commit to investment in agricultural biotechnology

Bayer CropScience underlines commitment to plant biotechnology

Inauguration of Bayer's Plant Biotechnology Innovation Center in Gent, Belgium

Bayer CropScience creates Seed Treatment Business Unit within its U.S. business operations

Bayer CropScience names William Buckner to head U.S. business operations

July 04

Bayer sells KWS shares to fulfill contractual obligation assumed on acquiring Aventis CropScience

June 04

Bayer CropScience streamlines its management structures

May 04

Deliberate release into the environment of GMOs for any other purposes than placing on the market:
- Field trials with herbicide tolerant cotton, following a two-year program frame (2004-2005) - Bayer CropScience, S.L. - Spain
- Field trials with herbicide tolerant soybeans - Bayer CropScience, S.L. - Spain

Syngenta acquires glyphosate tolerance technology for corn from Bayer CropScience

April 04

CSIRO licences DNA-delivered RNAi gene silencing technology to Bayer CropScience

March 04

Court revives Bayer, Monsanto lawsuit

Bayer CropScience discontinues further efforts to commercialise GM forage maize in the UK

Bayer CropScience to purchase Crompton´s share of Gustafson seed treatment business

Bayer CropScience and Aventis reach agreement on final purchase price

Official French Food Protection Agency study confirms safety of Gaucho for bees

January 04

Prof. Friedrich Berschauer named new CEO of Bayer CropScience
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Berschauer wird neuer Vorstandsvorsitzender von Bayer CropScience

November 03

Following grant of European patent on Agrobacterium transformation of plants , Bayer CropScience AG and Max Planck Society announce new licensing deal

Paradigm Genetics signs fungicide evaluation agreement with Bayer CropScience - Screening tests may lead to future licensing agreement

Science Forum 2003: The Molecular Future of Crop Quality - Bayer CropScience promotes scientific dialog

Paradigm signs two-year extension of its herbicide discovery collaboration with Bayer CropScience

Bayer AG: third-quarter results in line with expectations

Bayer plans stock market flotation for chemicals activities and strategic refocus of health care business

Bayer CropScience and Monsanto submit joint application for trialing GM canola in New South Wales

October 03

Bayer CropScience and Monsanto reach agreement providing farmers broader access to patented technology

September 03

Bayer CropScience aiming for No. 1 position in the industry
Address by Dr. Jochen Wulff, Chairman of the Board of Management, Bayer CropScience AG

August 03

Bayer CropScience announces management changes

May 03

Herculex I hybrids offer tolerance to Liberty herbicide

April 03

Bayer launches new North American organization and new leadership

March 03

LemnaGene LLC announces agreement with Bayer CropScience, the Weizmann Institute and RhoBio on Lemnaceae activities

Bayer CropScience completes product sale to BASF subsequent to acquisition of Aventis CropScience

Bayer CropScience participates in fungal genome sequencing initiative by providing the decoded genome of the fungal corn pest Ustilago maydis to Whitehead Institute

January 03

Agrinomics identifies new genetic mechanisms that control plant resistance to fungal infection

French registration of Bayer CropScience’s insecticide Gaucho in maize maintained

December 02

Bayer CropScience acquires controlling stake in Pau Seeds, Inc.

Agrinomics and Renessen establish alliance to enhance seed oil content

Britain's Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment responds to concerns associated with the public hearing on Bayer CropScience's GM maize CHARDON LL

Bayer CropScience presents four new active ingredients

November 02

Bayer CropScience to sell additional products to Makhteshim-Agan

July 02

Exelixis delivers assays to Bayer CropScience for screening to identify novel crop protection  compounds

June 02

Bayer CropScience forms strategic partnership with United Industries

Closing of Aventis CropScience acquisition - Bayer CropScience ready for launch

Australia’s Gene Technology Regulator seeks comments on risk assessment and risk management plans for two proposed limited and controlled releases of genetically modified canola

April 02

European Commission clears Bayer's acquisition of Aventis Crop Science, subject to substantial divestitures

Exelixis delivers novel crop protection targets to Bayer through Genoptera joint venture

Bayer and Exelixis joint venture, Genoptera, is first to sequence Heliothis moth genome -- achievement advances goal of developing safe, more innovative insecticides

March 02

Dr. Attila Molnar named head of Bayer Corporation; Helge H. Wehmeier to retire after 35 years of service - Bayer AG top management named

February 02

Paradigm Genetics delivers novel targets-based assays for developing herbicides to Bayer AG

January 02

Bayer names Board of Management for Bayer CropScience
Bayer benennt Vorstand für Bayer CropScience

Syngenta and Bayer reach agreement on patent disputes

Bayer takes its place on the New York Stock Exchange with a clear blueprint for a new corporate structure

Exelixis identifies additional crop protection targets delivered to Bayer through Genoptera joint venture

December 01

Bayer to establish management holding company with operating subsidiaries

October 01

Bayer AG receives additional novel targets-based assays from Paradigm Genetics for developing herbicides

Bayer acquires Aventis CropScience

September 01

Paradigm Genetics and Bayer AG discover 250th herbicide targen in their commercial partnership

Bayer Supervisory Board supports Board of Management's new strategy

August 01

Additional milestones reached by Exelixis in joint venture with Bayer

July 01

Bayer France S.A. acts on unfounded allegations against Gaucho

Exelixis/Bayer joint venture Genoptera identifies new genomics-based pesticide targets

Aventis, Schering in exclusive negotiations with Bayer - Bayer aims to acquire Aventis CropScience

Aventis CropScience negotiations to be continued exclusively with Bayer AG
Les négociations sur la cession d’Aventis CropScience se poursuivent en exclusivité avec Bayer AG
Verhandlungen über Aventis CropScience werden exklusiv mit der Bayer AG fortgeführt

Decision of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will not affect Bayer's claim against Syngenta's thiamethoxam
Entscheidung des U.S.-Patentamts hat keinen Einfluss auf Bayers Patentverletzungsklage gegen Syngentas Thiamethoxam

May 01

Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., (U.S.) has filed a lawsuit against Bayer AG

Bayer AG accepts additional high-throughput assays from Paradigm Genetics

March 01

Exelixis delivers more novel targets to Bayer in Genoptera joint venture

January 01

Bayer accepts new high-throughput assays from Paradigm Genetics; New assays based on novel targets identified by Paradigm

December 00

Paradigm Genetics discovers 100th herbicide target - Arabidopsis GeneFunction Factory(TM) discovers novel, validated herbicide screening targets faster than conventional methods

November 00

Exelixis delivers several targets to Bayer through Genoptera joint venture

October 00

Exelixis delivers two assays for high throughput screening to Bayer In Genoptera joint venture

August 00

Exelixis and Bayer reach milestones in Genoptera joint venture - Several novel insecticide targets selected

May 00

Bayer Corporation to employ Weathernomics technology from Planalytics to identify and serve customer needs

Bayer Agriculture Division to launch e-commerce platform for business supply chain

January 00

Bayer & Exelixis establish research joint venture to search for new generation of insecticides and nematicides

October 99

With or without Gaucho in sunflowers, the mysterious French bee malady continues

April 99

Exelixis Pharmaceuticals delivers target for screening to Bayer AG as part of genetics research alliance

October 98

Bayer and Paradigm Genetics cooperating in crop protection research

September 98

Bayer and AgrEvo provide capital to set up US$85 million agricultural biotechnology fund

Crompton & Knowles and Bayer to form seed treatment joint venture

May 98

Exelixis Pharmaceuticals and Bayer AG sign genetics research alliance - Exelixis' expertise in model organism genetics to accelerate identification of novel targets for crop protection

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